Sunday, November 05, 2006

Yarn and Hockey?

Yesterday was an interesting day.
I finally made it down to Skippack to the yarn store I found online a few weeks ago. Actually, make that over a month ago now. (Man, time really flies when you're on the road!)
I spent a good chunk of time just touching and feeling all these wonderful yarns. I mean, what you can get at the big-box craft/sewing places is nice, but well... boring. Or maybe ordinary is a better word. At any rate, a real yarn store has so much more than 50-million choices of almost the same color in almost the same material. I ended up only buying 3 skeins. The deep turquoise is for a project for someone special (who reads this site on a regular basis). I'm not sure exactly what I'm making, but it's a wool/silk blend and is light as a feather. The variegated is from South West Trading Company. It's a fiber they call soy silk. It's recycled soy fibers that are left over from the process to make tofu. Yep, this is the non-edible part of tofu. (Yes, I know some of you out there doubt that the part they sell in grocery stores is edible either....) I have no idea what I'm doing with it but it's very pretty and very soft. I want to make something for me, but I need to find just the right pattern.
After I went to the yarn store I visited with my friend Barb at a craft fair. She was doing her tastefully simple thing. This meant I spent more money. Oh well. She's also doing fundraising for Muscular Dystrophy. Her oldest son, Bren, is living with this, so it's something near and dear to my heart. Remember that bear I made, it was for her younger son's first birthday. We had a nice visit but then I realized I still needed to run to the store before picking up Gak from work. Eeep!
Last night was fun. I'd gotten a call from Kat Friday to tell me that she might have hockey tickets for last night's game. In a box. Cool. She messaged me and said she'd pick me up around 6. Yeah.
We were running late, which is ever the case with us. We missed the first period of the game, but that's OK because the Flyers botched it pretty badly. The third period went well, but not well enough to pull off a win. We had a good time (and I left my brother a message letting him know that I wasn't watching the game on TV but from a box) and better yet, a good time to just hang out and talk. We both agree we don't get to do that enough. We used to have Thursday evenings together. We did this for a couple of years after Zoe was born. Now, with my travel job, we're lucky if we get a few hours every few months. It really sucks. Hopefully we'll be able to change that soon.
Well, I'm off to do other things. One last note though, Monday (tomorrow) my Gram goes into surgery. It's nothing really major, but it's a big enough deal that we worry. Mom is down there to shuttle her around and be support. I wish I could be.
Peace to all. Call your grandparents and your parents, they love you and need to hear from you too.

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Chelsea said...

Soy silk is yummy! I have one skein that I'm hoarding until I can think of something special for me. It'll have to be some thing small (one skein, after all), and something that will touch my skin because it's soooo soft. Mmm. I think I must go dig it out of the stash and fondle it...