Sunday, November 19, 2006


I've been on vacation since Friday afternoon. It hasn't really felt like vacation until now, when I'm about to head to bed and I realize that, despite the fact that I'll be awake by 7am, I don't have to be... For an entire week!

Yesterday was a normal Saturday, if one could call any day normal. I did my normal daytime things, except laundry. I talked with mom several times in brief snippet conversations. I picked Gak up from work and made dinner. Yep, normal.

Then we went online. We grouped up with four of our friends and took our 'big kids' out for a spin. This meant I got to play as Addey, which I love. After a bit of chaos in the beginning, it turns into a good and fun evening.

Note to self, don't go into Mistmore Manor alone, or even with a group of six. The vampires who live there really don't like visitors. I suggest taking a whole slew of people, probably 12 or more. Yes, definitely a lot of people with really good equipment and skills. We gave it our best though. Poor Kas, he really did want to tank it the silly Templar healer.

After our Mistmore misadventures we end up in the town in Loping Plains and just pick up about a half dozen quests. We then proceed to mow our way through them. We also end up getting me a really kick-butt pair of gloves. They're part of a set and I can't wait to get more pieces! We stayed on later than usual and you could tell. We were using Vent, which always adds more fun, and we were getting downright punchy. At least Charitee and I were. Kas was a blast to have around as usual. Too bad Syn had to log early to do his second job as potato peeler (for his wife).

Today was a lazy day. I didn't even bother to really get dressed, jammies are so much more comfie. We spent a lot of time online with friends. This morning, (or was it noon-time by then?) we did a pair of instanced zones. Treats came away with a great pair of bracers that were part of a set. Again, lots of fun was had by all.

My plans for the week? Not many. Mom's going down to MD to take Gram to the Dr. on Tuesday. I thought about going with her, but we decided that it probably wasn't the best idea. I'm going to go down at some point, but not this week. I'll make time in the next few weeks. I think we might be going to her place for Christmas day anyhow. I really want to make it down before then though. The only thing I really know that I'm doing is laundry tomorrow morning.

Ok, well, I'm tired. Peace to all and spend some time with friends and family. It's so much better then being alone.

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