Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Rain, Rain....

Not much today. It's a rainy Tuesday... er... make that Wednesday.

Yes, I have absolutely no sense of time.

I used to, but I think I left it on a plane somewhere.


Anyhow, managed to vote yesterday. My county switched to an electronic voting machine. Pretty nice, since it lights up the choice you made so you can't make a mistake (unless you happen to be red/green color blind and can't see a red light on a white background. hmmm....). And they have paper trails too.

Not sure how I feel about the elections. I'm glad we get to keep Ed as governor. He did a great job with Philly (one of the most corrupt local governments there is) and came out clean and has real, achievable goals for the state. I'm still not sure I made the right choice for Senate, but I just couldn't bring myself to vote for the other guy. *Sigh* They're still trying to figure out who won the House election in my distract, there is about 1500 votes difference between the two. I'm pretty sure I made the right choice here.

Oh well, enough wondering. I just hope something gets moving with the politicians. Shake things up. It seems like everything has been stagnant for years.

Enough politics. I don't really like them and only pay enough attention to figure out if the person who's there is the one we should keep.

Training goes well this week. I wrapped up early for the three-day session. We pushed through and got everything covered in two. This is due to several reasons, including the fact that I only had 5 people and the knowledge level was already somewhat high. Also, they let me know upfront what was and was not important to their job so that's what we hit the hardest. The rest was just icing really. This means I'm going to work from home and run errands tomorrow. Should be good.

Ok, I'm just rambling to let everyone know that I am paying attention to the world and I haven't disappeared. Good news is that my friend Michelle in MD is coming up for the weekend. Even better news is that my Gram is recovering nicely from surgery. They still have no idea what the lump they removed from her kidney was, but there was a stone in the middle. They're running still more tests on the removed tissue and Gram will go home in the next day or so (if she hasn't already, I haven't heard from Mom today...).

Well, peace to all and enjoy a nice cup of soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. They make cold grey days sooo much nicer. Especially if shared with someone you love.

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