Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wandering Wednesday

Today I was supposed to have another day at my site in Albany. Well, yesterday when we were wrapping up, I was told that they wouldn't be able to have anyone tomorrow. I said that it was no problem, we'd either bill them for just the two days we did or reschedule the third day for sometime in January.
This meant I had today mostly free. My only real job today was to drive from Albany to the Binghamton area. Mind you, that drive is all of about 2.5 hours.
I got a start sometime around 10 am after everything was said and done. I didn't really push it on my way. I did end up going about 10 miles the wrong direction at one point, but that's OK. You've got to read all of an exit sign to make sure it's the right one. Oops. Nice little drive though.
I got to the area about 12:30 or so. I get off at the exit for my hotel and see a mall and a Friendly's. I decide to eat lunch at the Friendly's.
After lunch I was feeling adventurous and go t the mall to try that epic jeans quest again. Well, the first store was a bust. Again, why do designers think that 'stretch' means 'miracle fabric' and that even though I have a large waist, I have no legs? I'm sorry, but I'm a real woman and that means I have real curves, not just a fat stomach. I swear, there was absolutely no difference in the two sizes I tried.
Well, Gak calls at this point to see how I was doing and where I was. I let him know what was up. He said he was going to not say anything and try and stay out of trouble on that one. I appreciated the thought, but told him it was OK, he was safe as he wasn't a clothing designer.
I then try the second store. One I've had some success at in the past, but then they changed styles on me. Well, I tried again just for grins and giggles. Well, guess what, I found a pair. They don't fit perfectly. I really could have used something somewhere between the size I bought and the next size bigger. The other size fit better through the legs, but there was just something wonky about the rise and the waist was way big. They were even in my price range, which in all honestly isn't much. I refuse to pay a lot of money for something, especially for something that feels cheesy. These jeans even seem to be made out of real denim, not the flimsy 'fashion denim' that most are made of these days. Hey, I'm hard on my stuff, it needs to be able to stand up to the torture.
Checking into the hotel was also a bit of an adventure. I had canceled and changed my reservation for the hotel for the first half of the week shortly after I made it because of the wrong dates. Well, the web site canceled this reservation as well. Huh?? Why was it on my itinerary then? Who knows. Luckily they had a room for me. They weren't sure that the would as they are in the process of repainting the hotel.
Since it is all of about 3:00 at this point, I decide to head over to the plant to drop off the books and say hi to Andy, my contact. I'm literally 5 minutes from the site if I hit all the lights right, 10 if I don't. That was nice to head over there and set up without being stressed.
To cap off my adventures today I went to Wegmans. For those who don't know, Wegmans is a grocery store. I hadn't been in one, even though there's one somewhere near where I live. It's fabulous. There's an entire organic and wholefoods section in the store. It's like taking a 'normal' grocery store and adding a Trader Joe's inside. I wandered around for about an hour. I had popped in there to pick up some drinks for the room and the ride home Friday. I found some neat 'Juiced Teas' by Tazo there. Herbal iced teas with lots of fruit juice. The one I'm drinking now is quite tasty and refreshing.
I am a little dissapointed in myself this week though. I haven't been to the gym yet. I tried yesterday, but they were still closed for the lunch break when I went there and I got distracted today. Oh well, there's always tomorrow!

I did get news about my grandmother this evening from my mom. Today Gram was supposed to have a procedure done to check out the connection between bladder and kidney. Well, it turns out that the doctor put a stent in while she was in surgery, so it can't be done as an in-office procedure. This made her feel much better in a way, because she'd been having pain and thought it was the cancer. Nope, just a stent. She's also moving back into her own apartment over the weekend. This is great news. It means she's strong enough to be on her own. She also went to an acting class today. She thought she was just going to go and sit and listen.... Well, I know she must be feeling much better because of course, she just couldn't sit there once she got there. *laugh* My gram is such a people person and so friendly. I feel much better knowing that she's interacting and being social. This means she is truly feeling a bit better about the world.
So, as of now, we don't know anything new. We're on hold until December 15th, when she's going to have the procedure done in the hospital. She's feeling a lot better and more at ease and alive again.

Peace to all and may your off days turn into adventures of the fun kind!

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