Monday, November 13, 2006

Weekend Fun

This was a very good weekend. A much needed break after last week.

Michelle came up Friday afternoon.

Friday night we went out for dinner and Gak did something evil.

He showed Michelle the new Fae that are being added to EQII. Michelle does not play computer games, unless you count solitaire. Michelle does not play well with computers in general. Needless to say this created much amusement for all involved. I just wish I'd been on the beta server myself. As is, I created a newbie on my normal server and putzed around.

She chose a Conj, because of the classes she liked, they had the outfit she liked best. (I heard that shudder from all you game type people who stop by here!) I couldn't see what she was doing because Gak's and my computer face away from each other, but I could hear. It was interesting and fun.

Saturday we tried to go jeans shopping for me. This is a x4 Epic quest most days. This weekend I think it was an x6 Epic quest. We managed to find a lot of things to laugh at. (And why, why, must designers etc. think that stretch means we can make it too small but it'll be ok???) We also managed to find me a pair of khakis to replace my 8-year-old pair that look it.

We then went to JoAnn's. More as a consolation than a reward like we hoped. She talked me into buying fabric and tools to make a quilt like she makes for the babies in her family and her friends' babies. Mind you, it didn't take much talking, more of "wouldn't this fabric make a cute quilt?" kind of persuasion.

Well, Saturday night we cut out the squares and sewed them together. Meanwhile, I did something evil. I (well, Gak too...) got Michelle hooked on Full Metal Panic!. It is one of my favorite anime series. Just enough chaos, some mech fighting and a tremendous story line. Sunday we continued the Panic marathon and finished the quilt. This meant a ton of snipping and cutting. The beauty of this quilt is that it doesn't need batting and you want the edges to frey.

I washed it today when I did laundry while I was "working" from home. (I actually did get stuff done, but it was sporadic and around chores.) The picture above is it. Sam has claimed it I think. We'll see. It's nominally my niece's for when she's over for a visit. It's red and lady bugs on one side and red and funny bugs on leaves on the other. I love it. It was fun and easy and a great weekend project.

Tomorrow and Friday I teach, and will be in the office the other days. Next week I'm on vacation!!!!! (And my brother is coming home for Turkey day, which is also my b-day.)

Peace to all and find something to do that you enjoy. It makes life so much more fun.

p.s. The viewing/funeral for Pat was on Sunday. I didn't go because Mom didn't call me until Sunday morning. I told her to give everyone hugs for me. I'm both glad and sad I didn't go.


Chelsea said...

That's adorable! How does it work?

Addey said...

It's pretty easy. You use a quilter square to cut your fabric (flannel in this case... anything that frays nicely...) into strips. Standard is 6.5 inch, but can go as small as 4.
Then you cut the strips into squares.
Match the squares back to back the way you want and lay out the pattern of squares on the floor. Decide which side is the 'front' that will have the fringe, this is the way you want all the seam allowences facing.
Sew the squares into strips the short way, and then the strips into a whole the long way using about .5 inch seam allowence. Sew around the outside edges too.
Then the fun part. Cut out the little squares in the corners of each join and clip so the edges can stand up. Then clip every 3/8 in or so every edge. Shake frequently. Wash and dry... shaking frequently...
Snuggle with a book, your honey or a teddy bear.