Friday, November 10, 2006

Loong Week

This has been one emotionally draining week.

Training and being excited and interactive with a bunch of strangers is hard enough on me some weeks. (It worked OK Tuesday and Wednesday because I knew Larry already...) I only taught 3 days this week, but that really does take a lot of energy out of you.

Gram had surgery and the news, while not horrible, wasn't really all that great. Her temperature has stabilized and should be going home tomorrow. (She'd rather stay in the hospital really, better care in some ways.) The anesthesia has messed up her memory a bit, but not permanently. She's not quite up to par enough to stay in her own apartment, so she'll be in the assisted part. Missing her own TV and her own recliner. It'll be OK though, because it'll mean she's on the mend.

Worrying wears you out, and I've done plenty of that this week. Mom's exhausted too.

I got a call today at lunch from my mom. She was expecting to get my voicemail. Remember how I said we went to a 'family' get together last month in Maryland. Well, Pat, the mom of Dave, Jim, Linda and Robin, passed away last night. She was younger than my Gram. But she was in much worse shape. She'd had several mini-strokes starting over 10 years ago now. She wasn't looking all that good last month at the gathering, but it was good to see her. She'd been in the hospital (I didn't know) and they thought she had gaul stones or the like. Well, last night she went into surgery. When they opened her up, the closed her right back up. She was full of gangrene. She passed within the hour.

I'm thinking it was for the best. She'd been in poor health for quite some time. She'd been in a lot of pain. Now she's not. The sad part is, we'll probably loose her husband, Strad, soon too. He's in poor physical health, but he's still mostly there mentally. I'm not sure this blow to his spirit won't be fatal. They'd be together again at any rate.

OK, enough on this. My brain is going to melt.

This weekend should be good though. Michelle is coming up. I'm done with teaching for the week. It's also gorgeous outside (we have the windows open).

Somehow the picture of Jorge staring out the window seemed appropriate today. (I have others that would work, but they're not on this computer yet...)
Peace to all, and like I've said all week, hug those you love and call the ones you don't see everyday.

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