Friday, April 06, 2012

58 and 122

Another week has come and gone.

I have two numbers for you.  58 and 122.

58 is the number of hours Boo was wearing Big Boy Underware before having an accident.
Yep, Tuesday I asked if he wanted to wear his big boy underware, he said yes.  I said OK, we'll take a pullup to school just in case.  "I won't need it".  And he hasn't.  And he insisted on wearing underware to bed, not a pullup.  OK.   He did have an accident yesterday, but it's partially my fault.  We were playing outside, he semi-indicated he thought he might have to go, but I didn't make us stop and go inside.  Oh well, it wasn't a big deal.

122 is the number of degrees that Mom can finally bend her knee.  Or at least she was able to on Monday.  Her goal was 120, so anything above and beyond that is gravy.  She's still going to therapy for a bit longer as stairs continue to be an issue.  Partially because when she's at home she's tired and her knee is tired and stiff from the day and partially because for about 9 years now stairs have been bad and she has to remember that her knee works now and that going down won't be a problem and then there's the general strength issue....

Anyhow, that's the big news this week.  Oh, that and I finally managed to get over 2 months of photos off the camera, edited and posted.  Here are a few for your amusement.

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