Friday, April 20, 2012

Still Here...

I'm still here.  The post I've been toying with since Wednesday is being stubborn and not wanting to settle down and behave and get the right words onto the "paper".  So, I just thought I'd post a few quick lines to update on the week.

Let's see here... Sunday we finally had 7 accident free days with Boo, so Monday after a nice ride and a bit of play time at the park, we went and picked up Muppets.  To be honest, he's had way more than 7 days accident free, but this was 7 days accident free after I gave up on having them be all in a row.  Since last Friday actually he's been accident free.  Which means we're well into the 14 accident free days he needs to get his light saber.

Work's been rough this week.  Not from the volume of work, but from the fact that I've been stuck in "hurry up and wait" mode so much, which makes it that much harder to stay busy... especially since there's been a big emphasis on the "wait" part.  Ugh.  The awesome weather isn't helping me any either... Well, the awesome weather Monday and yesterday, Tuesday was pretty nice too....

Two birthdays this week.  Jon's was yesterday and Zoe's is tomorrow.  Since Jon is in California, I have to say happy birthday long distance and Zoe's birthday party will actually be next Saturday.  Should be fun!

This weekend should be fairly low key.  Hopefully we'll get a ride or a hike in tomorrow or Sunday, whichever one decides not to be rainy.  I'm really glad we're supposed to have a few rainy days because we really, really need them, I just wish it was in the middle of the week, not the weekends.

Well, I now have 15 minutes to throw together lunch, figure out breakfast, get dressed and out the door to work.  I'll hopefully post more soon.  Oh, I do have pictures from last week to post, but I just haven't posted them to Flickr yet... Hopefully tonight.

Peace to all and may your weeks keep rolling along.

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