Sunday, April 08, 2012

Weekends are Hard

Just a quick little update.
Weekends are hard.
Especially when you're not quite 4 and not quite 100% sold on the whole using the potty thing.

Tuesday through Thursday evening was perfect, we really couldn't have asked for better from Boo.  There was that minor accident Thursday evening.  Friday he did great all day playing over at Gradmom's with Zoe.  He had a minor incident where he just didn't pull his pants down far enough so ended up a little damp.  That happens.  Yesterday and today though, well... we were pretty good most of the day but had our problems.
Yesterday it was a stinker butt that we didn't want to tell anyone about and had been dealing with for a little while.  (I'm thinking he oopsed at lunch but didn't want to tell me to make me mad.  I really wouldn't have been, but in the mind of a pre-schooler...)  This morning it was getting too involved in playing with Play-Doh (I'll 'splain that revelation in a bit here...) and he peed on the floor.  Then at Amma's this afternoon he had another stinker butt incident, even though he'd tried while we were out.

So, weekends are hard.  I fully understand and get this.  We're not in our normal routine.  We're out and about and having all kinds of grand adventures.  I'm willing to grant some leeway on weekends, but I'd much rather he tell me about a stinker incident than ignore it.  Oh well.

Highlights of the weekend.
Saturday started out like a normal Saturday.  We did laundry and went over to bowling.  This was the last week of the season so they were having a party.  Zoe had a birthday party she was heading to with Grandmom and Aunt Kat was going for a ride with Scott on the bike.  Rachel was on a trip to NYC and Billy and Aunt Steph were heading to Billy's aunt's for an Easter Egg hunt later in the afternoon.  So, we headed over to Kat's to play with Billy for about an hour or so before we went and got some lunch, came home and had some nap time.  We went and picked up Gak from work then headed over to Target to do a little shopping.  Boo got some more big-boy underpants.  He got the ones with Cars on them.  We also picked him up some shorts, me some socks and about a total of $60 of odds and ends including a few groceries.

After dinner Boo was playing with a container of Play-Doh that he got in his Easter basket from school.  Now mind, until yesterday, Boo wanted nothing to do with Play-Doh or anything that could possibly be squishy.  Well, we played with it for about an hour last night and he was more interested in the containers we'd left out  on the table instead of the chocolate and other toys in the Easter basket on the table this morning.

Today we had a nice breakfast together and then cleaned up the apartment a bit.  After some hanging about, Boo and I get our butts in gear and head down to Amma's.  We have lunch and go to Trader Joe's.  By the time we get back PopPop is feeling good enough to be a little bit social.  I leave the boy with the grandparents and take a nice long walk for about 45 minutes while the boy-o plays wish his Amma outside and then watches a little baseball (and plays with the light-up frogs and duck Amma got for her birthday) for a little bit until I get back.  We came home, Boo and Gak played outside a bit, I ran to Lowes to get some garden stuff and attempt to transplant some of the seedlings, Boo and I played outside a bit and we had a good, but somewhat emotional, evening.  Boo was a bit tired and some little things just sent him over the edge into a crying spree....  Anyhow, we've had a good weekend over all, even if they can be hard.

Peace to all and may your weekends be easy.

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