Saturday, March 31, 2012

Crazy Weekends Edition

Wait... where did the week go?  Scratch that, where did the month go?  Anyhow, it's the last day of March.  And looking over on the right there, I realize I haven't been such a good blogger this month.  Oh well, it was bound to happen at least once this year.  Hopefully this will be the only "slow" month on the blog this year.  I'm not holding my breath, I know me.

So, here it is Saturday again and I never did write about our adventures last weekend, and here we are in the middle of a new weekend.  I guess we'll get the short version (haha) of two weekends in one post.

And no, I don't have any pictures off the camera.  Another thing I've been very lax with this year is getting what few pictures I've taken off the camera and onto the computer, and then even slower about posting them.  I assure you, you won't have to look at the Christmas photos on the sidebar for too much longer.  But, tomorrow is April, so I'm sure you'll have to bear with me a bit longer...

OK.  So, let's start with last Saturday.
But, in order to do that, we've got to back up to last Wednesday or Thursday.  I get a call from Kat and Steph asking what our plans were for Saturday night.  I said we didn't have any.  They informed me that Rachel would be watching a boy-child and that we were going to go see Seamus Kennedy at Beethoven Waldheim Saturday night.  $25 a head for a cash bar, a full evening of entertainment and a buffet dinner that's usually pretty good.
Ow, ow, ow... twist my arm.
So, Saturday we ended up changing our normal routine just a bit.  We ended up not catching up with everyone after laundry and instead ran a few errands and just the boy-o and I had lunch at Friendly's.  Then it was a bit of non-nap time for the boy-o while I got things together for Sunday.
After picking up Gak from work, we get cleaned up and ready to roll.  We head over to Kat's, drop Boo off with Rachel, Billy and Zoe and the 6 of us going to the show head out the door.

As always Seamus was amazing.  There was an older couple at our table with us who were really pretty cool and we enjoyed talking with throughout the evening.  I think they enjoyed our company as well.  (And yet again, we had to explain that Kat and I aren't sisters, and that Steph isn't related either, but we're all really good friends and family of the heart.  It always makes me giggle when people ask if we're sisters.)

We get home after picking up a boy-o at about 11:30.  Boo didn't fall asleep until almost midnight and he hadn't slept any at Kat's.  He promptly woke us up at 7:00 on Sunday morning.

Of course, that was fine because the second part of our jam-packed weekend was about to start.  We needed to leave the house between 8 and 8:30 because we were heading down to Baltimore.  Well, west of Baltimore, but close enough.  Aunt Beverly and Uncle Richard were in town visiting Ben and Jenny and the boys.  Sunday was my mom's birthday, Beverly and Richard's anniversary and Tuesday was Ethan's 2nd birthday.  So, we had a bit of a family gathering and party.  And, to add even more excitement to the day, Jenny and Daniel had tickets to the play "Clever Rachel" and got a pair for Seamus and I as well.  It was part of a children's theater series and in conjunction with a group that Jenny sometimes works with.  It was a little unusual because they don't normally do "Jewish specific" kinds of plays, but a little bit of everything.  Anyhow, it was neat because both the author or the play and the playwright were there to answer questions after.  Boo did very well for his first live-action play.  (We've been to the movies a few times, but never an actual play.)  I enjoyed it quite a bit too.

Eventually we wandered our way home and exhaustedly bid farewell to the weekend.

The work week was mostly uneventful.  I got a lot of work done.  Scouts wasn't one of the best meetings we've had, but not the worst either.  Potty training has been hit or miss all week, with a bit more miss than hit.  We'll have this but its a little annoying after such a good week.  The weather wasn't warm enough to get a bike ride in, even though Friday was gorgeous.  If it was a few degrees warmer, I might have brought the bike, but instead we just went over to the park for a little bit after work/daycare.

Now, we're on to this weekend, which is shaping up to be one full of adventures.  Or at least today has been.

Ever since Dominik's birthday back in November, Becky (his mom) and I have been playing email/note tag trying to find a time when we could get the boys together to play outside of school.  Originally we were going to have a picnic at the playground and let the boys run around and have fun.  Well, the weather didn't cooperate.  I think today was the coldest and wettest day of the week.  So, I suggested we take the boys to the bounce place where they had Dominik's birthday for a bit this morning and then do lunch.  Everyone liked the idea.  The boys had a lot of fun and I got to know Becky and Shawn a bit better.  We'd said hi several times in passing picking up the boys, but hadn't had much of a chance to talk.  We had a nice lunch at a diner and then headed home.

The boy-o took a very good nap, even if it was cut short by having to pick up a Poppa Bear.
Gak had asked if we could go down to Monkeyville to the Best Buy down there to look at computers.  I'd promised him a new one with part of my bonus money from work.  We'd picked one up a few weeks ago, but it just wasn't going to work since it was all but impossible to upgrade the video, and he really needed to for his games.  So, back that one went and we've been living with one computer for a bit.
Well,  looking at the ones available there, we decided that the biggest difference between mine and the one he was looking at was the RAM, and the $50 bigger price tag.

So, on a whim, we decide to go down to Microcenter and look at what they had.  Gak ended up buying the exact same computer as I got.  We're going to move the video card from this one into that one and if I can run EQII without the video card, we won't worry about upgrading my video.  If I need to upgrade the video, I will at some point.
Then, after buying the computer Boo announced he was hungry.  So, we call Amma to see how she was feeling and see if she wanted to join us at Panera Bread for dinner.  Of course she did!  We had a very nice bite to eat and some time together.  Boo insisted Amma sit next to him, which thrilled her to no end.  I know she's been missing her play dates with my son and is looking forward to being released from rehab so she can start coming up at least some Mondays.  After dinner Amma headed home and we did a quick trip over to B&N before heading home.

So, as you can see, this has been one very adventure filled Saturday already.  The boy-o is in bed and I'm not far behind.  Maybe tomorrow I'll get the pictures done.  Maybe not.  Thankfully the only things on the schedule are laundry, grocery shopping, some light cleaning around the apartment and Gak's playing Warhammer 40K with the guys in the evening.  Maybe I'll get some crafting in.  I've got two or three pairs of socks started and in various stages of being annoying/finished.  I've got an afghan that really is feeling neglected and is very beautiful and deserves to be finished, or at least worked on some more, I've got an idea for another shrug that I really want to get on paper and started.  And I've got fabric and a pattern for a dress.  I really want something else to add into the rotation of work clothes that looks good and isn't yet another pair of black, navy or khaki pants and a shirt.  Of course, half my shirts don't fit right anymore either and I should do something about that.  Oh, and I need a new pair of sneakers.  My low-cut boots are beginning to fall apart and riding my bike with my high-top hikers isn't very fun.  That and it might be nice to have sneakers to walk in at work.... and the boy needs shorts, lots of shorts.  He's got 2 or 3 pair that fit, everything else from last summer were 2T...
But, I digress and I'm rambling.
So, off to bed it is.

Peace to all and may your weekends be full of fun adventures and family and may your weeks be mostly harmless.

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