Friday, March 09, 2012

Even Keel

Well, here it is, the 9th of March and I still haven't blogged since the last day of February.  Yep, slacking off again.

I would say it's because I've been busy having adventures, but that's not the case.
I would say it's because I've been sick, but that's thankfully not the case.
I would say it's because work's been a bear, which it has, but not enough of a bear to keep me from writing.

Nope, I just haven't bothered to write.  I've had ideas flitter and fly through my head but they've either all been too fast for me to catch them and hold them still long enough to explore them and write about them, or they taunt me when I'm not near my computer (like when I'm driving home) and then have abandoned me by the time I do get a chance to sit down and write.  Or, I'll be too tired or distracted or just not in the right mood to write.

I guess Ill write a few updates of what's going on in my little world lately.

You know about the car.  I'm just so thankful that it only cost us $80 to fix.  I can handle that.  I don't like it, but I can handle it.

I didn't write about the Girl Scout birthday party that my service unit held back on the 25th.  It was a lot of fun, a lot of chaos and a very long day.  Overall, I'd call it a good day.  There were some logistical issues, but I kinda expect that when there are 250+ girls and the assorted adults needed to run something like this.  My girls had fun over all though and it was a good day.  There are pictures up on Facebook posted by the Bucks County Free Press.  Some of my girls are in some of the pictures.

Girl Scout cookies is all but over for me and my girls.  I turn in the final paperwork to Loretta this evening when I pick up Boo from school.  (It's very convenient the fact that she's both the older girl coordinator and the SU cookie coordinator and runs my son's daycare... of course, that's how I ended up in this "mess" in the first place!)  We still have 26 boxes that we need to figure out what we're doing with.  We'll hang on to a few boxes for snacks for our upcoming trips.  We're trying to get the rest sold.  But, overall for my first year doing this I'll take 26 boxes.  (I traded in about 10 extra cases throughout the last part of the sale once I realized I'd picked up too many my third pickup...)

I do have another addition to my troop.  I just got a 7th grader who just didn't quite work with her other troop. She seems like she'll be a good fit with my girls though.  I'm sure we'll have fun.

We've got two trips coming up that will be a lot of fun.  I'll post more about those later.  I'm looking forward to the trips.  Not so much the planning, but the trips themselves.  I'm trying to get the girls involved, but it may actually make things a bit harder.  We shall see.  (I know I'll be making some executive decisions along the way... but that's my job as leader.  I get final say.)

Work has been work.  I'm mostly just muddling my way through the last few weeks.  I know it'll catch up to me in the long run, but I'm just trying to make it through at this point.

Boo continues to grow like a weed and be a very stubborn little boy.  Last Saturday we actually had an awesome potty training day.  He stayed dry until the evening when we were out and about.  So, I really can't complain.  Sunday, on the other hand, forget it.  He'll have a random great day where we think he's finally getting it and finally willing to play the game and then the next day he just doesn't care.  Even with peanut M&Ms as bribes!  (And trust me, this boy loves his chocolate as much as his daddy and I do...)  You'd think because we just don't keep candy in the house that being able to earn up to 4 peanut M&Ms at a shot just for using the potty would seem like an awesome thing.  Apparently only on some days.  *shrug*

On the other hand, Boo has become fascinated with lightsabers.  Gak's been playing the new Star Wars MMO and Boo's been watching.  It is cute to watch him brandish his toy spatula or ladle making the appropriate wzzt...zzzt sounds.  He will gladly tell you the blue and green are the good guys and red are bad guys.  (He usually has a green one, but red is actually his favorite color so that makes this tough...)  We finally got the DVDs from Mom last weekend and we watched Star Wars A New Hope with him Sunday.  We've also promised him his own lightsaber once he starts using the potty all the time.  It may work as this is the first bribe he's actually reminded me of... Again, we will see and I know it'll be on his terms. *sigh* I really wish this was as easy as just giving him a cup instead of a bottle... oh well.

Other than that, life is pretty much the same around here for the most part.  We go to work and school.  We hang out.  I go to Girl Scouts.  Gak and the guys try and figure out when they're going to get together to play Warhammer.  Wash, rinse and repeat.

But, speaking of work, I really should get back to it.

Peace to all and may your lives carry on more or less on an even keel.

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