Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Missed Musings

Well, I have a handful of things I could have posted about over the last few days, but I missed them.  Even though their moment has passed, I'll highlight them anyhow.

*Sunday the weather became truly gorgeous.  Boo and I took a nice long walk in the afternoon.  We walked all the way to the park, stopping to talk for a moment to Michael from the Laundromat who was out for a ride on his bike.  We played on the playground a bit, and then Boo said he was thirsty.  The water fountain wasn't on yet, and the ice cream place a block or two away opens this weekend, not last weekend.  So, we start heading home.  We have to pass right by my friends Ali and Dave's house, so we decided to see if they were home.  They were along with the kids.  Boo had fun playing with the kids while Ali, Dave and I hung out for a few before finishing our walk home.

*Monday was a special day.  Monday was the actual 100th anniversary of the first Girl Scout meeting.  To celebrate I wore my membership pins to work.

*I also dug the bike out of the basement storage locker and got the tires pumped up.  (Boo had only been asking about the bike for a few weeks...)  Boo and I managed about a 10 or 15 minute short ride.  It was nice.  We came across Jen and John and stopped and talked with them for a few.

*Yesterday was mostly uneventful, we had our weekly Girl Scout meeting and it was fun.  We wrapped up a few things and talked about a few more things and overall had an enjoyable hour or so.

*Today is the first day this year that I was able to pick Boo up on the bike.  He was quite happy to see the bike.  We took a little ride and then ended up at the park again.  One of the girls from his daycare was there and they enjoyed playing together for about half an hour or so.  We then took a round about way home before picking up Gak from work.  Let me tell you, riding uses different leg muscles than swimming... I really feel it in my inner thighs and my knees were really feeling the pressure of peddling.  But, I really enjoyed it and I've missed my bike all winter.  I just hope the warm weather is here to stay.

Anyhow, that's the bullet item list of what's been going on the past few days.  Tomorrow I have a pot-luck lunch at work.  That should be yummy.  We've got errands to run after work and we'll see what's going on.  Friday I hopefully will be able to pick the boy-o up on the bike again.  I'm not really sure what's going on this weekend.  Gak and I thought about going out Saturday evening, but our babysitter has a bowling tournament all day Saturday.  Mom has her next doctor's appointment to follow up on her knee tomorrow and she hopes to be opening the business back up Friday or Saturday.  She probably won't start coming back up here on Mondays until April.  All I know is that Boo can't wait for that and I'm sure Amma can't either.

So, I'm going to wrap this up here and hope that I can do better with keeping up with this in the future.  I've got a few odds and ends bumping around in my brain, but nothing worth putting on to paper, virtual or otherwise.  You'll know if I ever get it sorted out.

Peace to all and may your lives be full.

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