Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Ok, so my niece Mel is completing a 30-day photo challenge over on Facebook.  So, since it sounded like good jumping off points for blog posts, I figured I'd steal the list.  Of course, I intended on starting yesterday, but well... we see how that went.
So, the first photo request is a picture of me.  I was going to be cute and post a picture of "me" from EQII, but I can't seem to find that file this morning.  So, instead, this picture is one from January when we all went up to Camelback when Raeferd was here.  I almost didn't recognize myself in this picture.  And that's with wearing extra layers and a jacket that's at least a size or two too big.  I both didn't realize how much weight I'd put on over the years, or exactly how much I've lost in the past year or so.  It truly is astounding.  Of course, since about November, I've pretty much stopped loosing weight.
I've stepped up my activity levels though and get some kind of movement in at least 5 days a week most weeks recently, so I'm definitely loosing fat and adding some muscle.  My pants and tops alone tell me that much.  People keep telling me that I've lost enough, or I couldn't possibly want to loose more.  Well, I'm still about 10 lb from the weight I graduated college at.  I look and feel way better than I did then, but I will admit, I still have a hangup for that number on the scale some days.  Besides, this isn't a diet and I can go back to eating the way I used to whenever I've decided I've lost enough.  Well, I can do that if I want all the weight to come back.  And in reality, I'm not sure I could for more than a couple of days at a time without feeling gross and icky.  Even now when I eat too much at a meal, I know it, and it's only half of what I could have eaten in the past.  So, I think the attitude adjustment is here for good.  Which is good.  Because I want to be healthy and around for a very, very long time for my husband and son and the rest of my friends and family.  I really in a good place mentally with all of this.  My body will never be super model "perfect", but it's perfect for me.  I'm comfortable in my skin and I want to take good care of it.  I've always said, and will always believe, that as long as I'm fit and able to enjoy activity and not have my body slow me down, then I'm good to go.

We'll see where the rest of this challenge takes me.  I know that some of them will be real challenges for me.  Hopefully they'll all be good inspiration points to catch everyone up on what's been going on in our lives and some of the other random things that float through my head.

Peace to all and may you be happy with your body.

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