Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Yesterday I was supposed to post a picture of someone I'd want to trade places with for a day.  My first response was to say that I want to trade places with my mom 30 years ago for the day.  She had the job that I really want, mom and wife.  So many people don't see the value in that job, but I do.  But, I also thought that I get to do that, every Saturday and Sunday.  Most of Saturday I have my son all to myself, and Sunday none of us has to do anything if we don't want.  (Well, other than making sure Boo gets a nap hopefully....)  I also thought that one day isn't really enough time to get to experience everything that being my mom to a 5 and 3-year-old child is like.
Then I thought about all the people that I wouldn't want to be.  I wouldn't want to trade places with the President of the US, no matter who they are.  I just don't want that kind of responsibility.  I also wouldn't want to be a Congressman, Senator or anyone else with that kind of responsibility.  As much as I respect what Steve and all my friends and family who have or are serving our country do, I'm not sure I could take their place either.    I wouldn't want to change places with the trash man, or a fast-food place worker or one of a hundred other jobs or people.
Maybe, I'd like to trade places with Ansel Adams.  To see life through his eyes, so see how he sees light and shadow and paints with them on film and paper.  Maybe I'd like to trade places with a school teacher and see what I might have been if I'd followed everyone's advice.  Maybe I'd like to be a farmer or a rancher in Montana, to see if it is either as romantic or as back breaking as the popular myths go.
All in all, as much as I complain about my life, I'm glad for it.  I have a family who loves me, a good job that I may complain about from time to time, and wonderful friends to share it all with.

But, having said that, there is one person I'd love to switch places with for the day.  That would be me.  Yes, me from the summer of 1994.  That was my best year at Tohi and it was such a wonderful time full of fun, adventure, friends and growth.
Unfortunately, I don't really have pictures for any of this.  And it's not as well thought out or presented as it is in my head.  I'm tired, very tired.  I don't know why either.  I've been getting good sleep and there hasn't been anything extra stressful at work at anything.  And yes, I'm perfectly aware I'm rambling now.

So, on that note, and as poor a transition as I've ever made, I'm going to bid you peace.

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