Wednesday, March 09, 2011


The next photo on the list (not like I've been actually posting pictures... but that's another story...) is a picture of my most treasured possession.

Again, I had some tough choices. For the holidays I got two very nice necklaces, from different people. My husband and son got me a beautiful white gold chain and a tree of life pendant. I adore it, especially since it came from them. Then, Kat got matching necklaces for me, her and Steph. Again, it's very special because of who it's from and the feeling behind it. (I'd been without a day-to-day necklace for most of the year, an now suddenly I have two I love that I have to choose from! It really is a tough choice...)

But, then I realized that as much as I treasure these two things and the feelings and thoughts that went into them coming into my life, there is one thing that I have that I treasure even more.

Actually, it's a collection of things.

It's a little red vinyl pouch that’s filled with all of Gram’s crochet hooks. It’s special because crochet was a favorite pastime of hers. It’s special because they belonged to a woman who I love very dearly and the one who taught me, so many years ago, the basics. But, I think what makes them the most special is that she gave them to me herself, just a few weeks before she passed. She wanted me to have them. She knew I’d put them to good use. She knew I would treasure them. And I do.

I will admit, that I don’t always go to her hooks first when I’m about to start a project. As much as I love owning them, the style of hook she mostly has is not what I prefer. Gak got me a beautiful set of bamboo hooks a few years back for my birthday and I love how light weight they are and the shape of the hook (Bates not Boye for those in the know). I prefer the Bates style for most yarns that I work with. But, there are times when I use one of Gram’s hooks instead of one of mine. I used them to make baby blankets for friends and family. I use them when I want a little extra love to go into what I’m making. I have future plans for things to make with her hooks.

So, they may not get used all the time, but they are very treasured and loved and yes, used.

I’ve actually been able to get a good bit of crochet in now and again lately. I’m still in the middle of a scarf/wrap that I started back in the fall, but it’s my traveling project. Stephanie, one of the teachers at Boo’s school, left for another daycare last week, so I made her a fun fun-fur scarf in a morning. I made a warm snuggly blanket for a baby boy that’s going to be born soon to Kat’s niece. I’ve got about 3 other projects either on the hooks or in the works. I have many more that I want to do that I don’t have yarn or patterns yet.

I just wish I had more time. I wish I had more time for crochet and reading and computer games and my son and husband and cleaning… and… and… and…. Yes, time would be a nice thing, but for now, I’ll squeeze in what I can, where I can and enjoy every moment of it.

So, I wish you all peace and may you have treasures that were given from the heart, to the heart.

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