Friday, March 04, 2011


Today I'm supposed to post a picture of the cast of my favorite TV show.  This is one of those that I'm going to have trouble with.
You see, I don't have a favorite TV show, at least not really.  Yes, I do watch TV, but no where near the amount that many people do.  I don't seem to follow shows more than a season or two, or if I do, it's hit or miss.  There have been shows that have grabbed me and held my attention, but I usually wander off before they've run their course.  (Of course, Gak has Dr. Who on and I just spent the last 5 minutes being mesmerized...)
So, yeah, back to the topic at hand, television.  I have shows that I've enjoyed over the years.  There was Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers Neighborhood and Captain Kangaroo and Nova and 3-2-1 Contact.. Yes, all PBS shows.  Then a little later there was Mr. Wizard and Dangermouse.  I won't lie, I wanted to be Mr. Wizard when I grew up.  I wanted to "do" science.  I remember watching MASH with my parents growing up and liking it (I enjoy it even more now that I "get" it.)  We watched a few other shows now and then too, but nothing that really sticks in my head.

For me, books were always more of a draw than TV.  It didn't hurt that my dad's an avid reader and both my parents encouraged reading.  I also remember not being allowed more than an hour or two of TV outside of my parents watching the news or a show or two in the evening for many, many years.  I was also not really allowed cartoons (either that or I just thought I wasn't because I had such limited TV time...) until I was 10 or so.  Yes, this made life a little difficult with my friends some days when they would talk about things that I just had no clue about.  And yes, that still happens on a frequent basis.  I'm used to it though.

But, now I'm the parent.  Now Gak and I have to decide how much TV is good and what Boo can and can't watch and why.  It's a balancing act.  There are lots of good kids shows out there these days, but a lot of bad shows out there too.  Unfortunately, in our opinion, too many of the bad shows are the popular ones.  Oh well.  We've walked a fine line and Boo does have his favorites.  He loves Cailou and Elmo and Mickey Mouse.  But he's totally clueless about Dora or Diego or Thomas or Handy Manny (all good shows) as well as Sponge Bob and many of the bad shows.  Some days I feel bad, most days I don't.

Anyhow, that's my brief look at TV.  It's a complicated subject and I'm sure I'll make many more mistakes with Boo's viewing habits before he's 10, but we'll live with it.  I'm just glad that he has about 3 shows that he loves books more than he loves TV.  Yes, he often asks for TV and except at the end of the day when he's already tired and cranky, can he usually be persuaded to play with his Legos or books or something else.

But, Dr. Who and Rift is calling me and I must go.
Peace to you and may you find your diversions.

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