Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Fortune Cookie Wisdom

Ok.  So this doesn't really tie in with my "theme" this month of heroes.  But, I just had to share my thoughts on this.

Over the last week or so, there have been some stray fortune cookies floating around the office and up for grabs. I like them because they’re just sweet enough and crunchy enough to make my snack monster happy for a bit without being too sweet or heavy, so I snagged a handful.

I must admit, I’ve been quite entertained by the fortunes in them.

One said “Don’t be surprised by the emergence of undiscovered talent”. I could truly use some of that right about now in several areas of my life. But what made me smile the most is that on the back, where they “teach” you a Chinese word, the word of the day was “Mother”. I really and truly had to laugh at that pairing. If nothing will bring out your undiscovered talents, it is parenthood. I’ve learned so much about myself, and my husband, over the past two or three years. Yes, I’m including when I was pregnant with Boo in that time frame, because parenthood really starts then, even though most people don’t realize it. I’ve learned that some of my strengths can be weaknesses, and my weaknesses can be a strength. I’ve also confirmed that Gak and I balance each other out quite well. We’re also very lucky in the fact that it is usually one or the other of us having a bad day, not both at the same time.

Two more fortunes seem to go hand in hand. “Good food brings good health and longevity” in many ways goes with “New and rewarding opportunities will soon develop for you”. Especially when the Chinese “word of the day” on the back of the second was “to eat”, these sayings seem to fit well together. And when you consider the personal journey I’ve been on this past year, it fits even more so. I’ve relearned how to eat and overall I’d have to say my health is better. My asthma and allergies are about the same as they have been for years (annoyances that flare up randomly and rarely), but my energy level is much higher. I just feel better in general, and that’s a good thing. And I truly hope to be able to live a long, long time. And the new and rewarding opportunities I’ve encountered because of eating better include having more energy to get out there and do things. I’ve got lots and lots of things I’d love to do, especially some hiking and traveling. I hope to be able to work more of that back into my life again.

The final one made me smile and feel a bit of hope during a stressful week at work. “You will get what your heart desires.” This is a wonderful little message to get. My heart would like many things both material and not, but what I desire is a little bit of peace and stability in my life in general. Not that I don’t love the chaos that has been surrounding me lately, but I’d like a little quiet too. I love the chaos of my “family” and wouldn’t trade that for anything. What I could use some stability and peace with is my job and my finances, two things that are linked very closely these days. I want to truly love my job again and not see it as a chore. (I still enjoy what I do, but my drive to do it, and do it well, has been lacking for quite some time.) I also wish for some stability with my extended clan. I love them all, but something resembling some shade of normalcy would be nice, if only so that things like having fun can be focused on, not all the other trials and tribulations.

So, with those fortune cookie words of wisdom, I bid you peace and may you get what your heart desires.

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