Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Where Did the Week Go Edition

First off, stay tuned for a much more photo laden post where I ooohh and aaahh over my new camera and show off a bit.  I've loved having the new camera and I have taken more pictures in the last week than I have in many recent months (other than August with all it's busyness and fun).

This past weekend was packed full of fun things.  Friday when Boo got up and Gak asked him what he wanted to do, his response was "Go Aunt Kat".  Ok, well Aunt Kat already had plans that evening, but we all got together Saturday.  Can I tell you how perfect of a weather day Saturday was?  We had the house open almost all weekend it was that nice.  It was even cool enough to have a campfire in the fire pit and enjoy it.  The only reason we went home when we did is that Boo was tired and cranky and didn't want to sleep on the sofa or the comfy nest Zoe made for him on the floor.  He was conked out before we even got to the end of her road.
The other thing that happened Saturday is that mom's friend Amanda's son brought up Boo's "new" mattress and box spring.  You see, Amanda had purchased a new twin bed about a year or so ago, but has since decided she didn't like it.  Well, no one else in her family needed a twin bed set, so Amanda offered it to mom, who offered it to us.  I was more than happy to take it since Boo was sleeping on my old mattress that was about 20 or 24 years old.  I was expecting to have to drive down to Phoenixville to get it, but Amanda's son lives north of here and was able to bring it up on his way home!  I was so very thankful and Boo really seems to love it.

Sunday morning Boo gets up and after a few minutes says he's hungry.  I ask if he wants to go out for breakfast (I had an ulterior motive here...) and his response was "ok".  So, I send him in to wake his Poppa.  We go to Spoor's for breakfast.  Unfortunately, he was so whiney while we were getting ready I gave him a cereal bar, and so even though he was clamoring for his French toast from the moment we sat down, once it got there, he didn't touch it. *sigh*  Anyhow, once we got home Boo was all about going out again.  So, after a few phone calls down to Amma and PopPop, Boo and I head down there.  I specifically left when I did because he was lying on the floor using Trey as a pillow and saying he was not sleepy.  Yeah, right kid.  Anyhow, he snoozed for about 30 to 45 minutes in the car on the way down (I took the long way on purpose...).
We had lunch shortly after getting there.  The boys (PopPop and Boo) had peanut butter and Amma and I had toasted cheese (and tomato in her case) sandwiches.  Very yummy.  We then decide to go on an adventure.  We all pile into my Durango and head over to Great Valley Nature Center, where I used to work.  I miss it there horribly many days in the summer, and many days year round actually.  We wandered around there for just about an hour.  We saw the birds of prey, wandered around the pond and through the woods and the field and I even introduced him to the White Oak at the corner of the property.  He did very well, just wanting to be carried at the end of the trek.  (I did make him walk up the hill though.... I may have lost almost double my son's weight but that hill is still rough.)
As we were leaving the Nature Center, I remember that Amma had mentioned a creamery and dairy farm that was nearby and that she and PopPop had visited and thought would be a great place to take Boo.  So, we head over to Lionville and to the Milky Way Dairy Farm.  We go and visit with the cows, pigs and sheep for a bit.  Or should I say I visited and Boo didn't really think it was a good idea to get close to the animals.  I don't really blame him, they are kinda big and I don't want him randomly trying to pet wildlife.  But, for most of the past year he's been pretty nervous around dogs, even Minny some days, and won't go pet them.  He was, however, fascinated by the cats at Jay's last month.  So, we may have to slowly try and get him not quite so nervous around pets, which will take some doing since we can't have one of our own and the only dog we see regularly is Minny.
Of course, after visiting with the animals we stopped at the vegetable stand and picked up a pint of very yummy looking grape tomatoes and some beautiful red onions.  Then it was to the ice cream store.  They had a huge variety of flavors.  Amma was able to get peppermint stick in no where near the holiday season.  PopPop had some delicious looking strawberry.  Boo opted for chocolate (just like his momma and poppa there!)  I tried something very yummy.  I love chai lattes.  They're spicy and yummy.  Well, they had a chai ice cream and after just a taste, I knew I had to have a cone of it.  It was so yummy, especially with the sugar cone.

After that we headed back to Amma and PopPop's (hopefully for the boy to nap, which he didn't).  We hung out.  Everyone watched a bit of the baseball game and I went out for a nice long walk at a brisk pace out on the trail behind their house.  We had some dinner and then Boo and I went home.  He fell asleep by the time we got to the Turnpike, but woke up when I stopped the car at home.  He was awake long enough for Gak to put him back to bed.

And, since Monday was Labor Day, we had a three day weekend on our hands!  Ed and Buffie moved into their new house back about the same time we moved into the new apartment.  Well, they were having a housewarming cookout on Monday.  They only live about 12 blocks away, and the weather was still beautiful, so I decided to walk.  Gak went along with this idea.  Boo fell asleep about half a block away from Ed's place, but woke up almost as soon as I stopped the stroller.  We all had a good time.  Boo had a good time playing with the kids and Gak and I enjoyed catching up with Ed and Buffie and several others.  At one point Boo was getting pretty cranky and tired, so I plopped him back into his stroller and took of for another nice brisk walk.  He was asleep within about 6 blocks, but I kept going for a bit, just to be sure.  He slept for almost an hour, which is good.

Anyhow, that was our busy weekend.  Sorry I didn't post pictures in the post.  I have them, they're even up on Flickr already, but I just didn't have time to load them into the post this morning.  Look for a post with all kinds of showing off of the new camera within the next few days.

Peace to all and may the weather be beautiful and your adventures fun.

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