Friday, September 10, 2010

Odds and Ends

So here it is Friday again, and I still don't have that post with pictures from my new camera up.  I would have worked on that at lunch, except the files are all at home and Flickr and my office network don't always play nice together.
I thought now would be a good time to catch up on some random things that have been going on, all worth mentioning, but not really worth their own posts.
This will probably be pretty random, but my normal reader(s) should be used to that by now.

Tuesday was my first water exercises class since the spring.  I took the summer off because the time was just not convenient for me to get to.  The instructor I had all spring is now only doing Mondays.  This makes me go "booo!".  The new instructor is nice, but she's older.  This isn't a problem really, but that combined with the fact that I'm the youngest in the class by at least 5 years and everyone else is more like my mom's age or older and well, I'm not so sure this is a good fit any more.  Don't get me wrong, it was a good and active class, but it didn't focus on what I wanted to and needed to.  There was a good bit of cardio and walking type of exercise, but not much arm or ab work, which is what I really need to focus on.  With Erika, my arms would hurt for a day and my abs would be stiff.  My legs would also be feeling it.  I know I'm not in any better shape now than I was at the beginning of summer, but I just didn't "feel" the stretch or the workout in my muscles the next day.  I'll give it another 3 or 4 weeks before I decide if I'm going to sign up for next session or try something else instead.

Can I tell you how adorable my son is?  He gets cuter by the minute some days.  (Although, he's also great at pushing buttons, especially ones he's not supposed to.)  He's really talking up a storm and in full sentences more and more often.  Or, they would be full sentences if he remembered to use words like "the" and conjunctions now and again, but that's OK.  He will gladly point out stop signs while we're driving and say "that says stop!" or "stop Momma!".  I know he's not reading it like we think of reading, but he recognizes the sign, and that's a start.  I found out yesterday morning that he can at least somewhat recognize his name written as well.  (I know he doesn't know each of the letters in his name because I asked him for the "a" or the "e" and he looked at me blankly...)  We were sitting on the floor of the kitchen playing with the letters on the dish washer and I spelled out his name.  He repeated it happily.  I also spelled out Kelly (I didn't have another Y for Trey) and he could tell me which one was which.  So, he knows more than he thinks he does.  He can muddle his way through the alphabet when he wants (frequently out of order) and will gladly help me count things, and just keep on going until he reaches 20 or so.  He's a smart little guy, even if he doesn't know it.

He's also a bit of a devil at times.  Most days when he trips or falls over he'll either go "I OK!" or "I trip" and move on.  He also loves to climb on Momma and furniture and his new bed and all kinds of things he shouldn't but nothing you want him to (like the steps to the slide...).  He also loves "peek-a-boo".  He'll cover his head with a blanket, a stray shirt or hide behind the curtains and call out "Mooommmaa!  Where aaarrrre you??"  And I usually respond with "Right here, but where's my son?   I can't find my Boo!"  And he'll hop out with a "Here I am!"
Well, today this caught up with him.  The boys were home and Gak hears a "Poppa!  Poppa, where are you?!" so he turns around.  There's our boy standing on the sofa with Gaks' shirt over his head.  Gak promptly commands Boo to sit down! and he trips himself on the shirt.  Yep, busted lip.  (I haven't seen it yet...) So, they call me at work and Boo is doing that pitiful half cry in the back ground.  I tell Gak to give Boo some apple juice (a current favorite) so he'll drink something cool and press it against his lip.  Boo sniffles OK to this.  Once he got his juice he pitifully says "Muffin?  Muffin, please?" to Gak.  (I'd made muffins over the weekend and there were a few left yet.)  So, Gak gives him a muffin and gets him settled into the sofa and Boo quietly declares "fixed now."
Like I said, he's too cute for my own good.

Another thing that happened Tuesday is that I had an appointment with a new sleep doctor.  I'll have to say, I like this guy and wish I'd gone to him back in February.  I know why Dr. F sent me to Dr. V back then, because he's closer, but... I wish she'd given me both names back then.  They're both in the same group, but only Dr. V. comes down to Quakertown.  Dr. P listened and was friendly and seemed much nicer than Dr. V.  I'm sure Dr. V is a qualified specialist and has a lot of knowledge and has helped a lot of people, I just didn't like his manner or his general attitude.  Anyhow, I've got a sleep study scheduled for the 21st.  Depending on how things go, I may have to have another study on October 5th and may not get the results and a path to try until November 5th.  That really stinks, but there is a light in the tunnel and I may be able to move appointments up.  I just want to get to something of a more normal sleep pattern.  Yes, I get about 6 hours of sleep a night, but no, it's not very restful sleep.  It's really causing problems both obvious and subtle.  I just want my brain to stop feeling fuzzy all the time.

I know there were some other things I wanted to mention.  I know there's at least one thing on my mind that I haven't mentioned, but I'm not ready to yet, I still need to poke at it a bit more.

Anyhow, I've procrastinated long enough, back to work for me.

Peace to all and may your life be full of interesting and good things.

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