Friday, June 03, 2011

Three Years!

Three years old! My boy-o turned three on Tuesday.

Where has the time gone? I really don’t know, but I do know that I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Boo has really made our lives so much more full and interesting. (Sure, there are days when I wish we could just up and go out or something without worrying about someone to watch Boo or things like that, but over all, I’m very happy with our life.)

So, time for a little updating. There are both bigger and fewer changes to report now days compared to when he was first born.

At his doctor’s appointment Thursday, which he barely even cried at this time, he was 38” tall and 30 lb even. This puts him just above 50% on height, and between 25 and 50% on weight, at least according to the charts I have. Developmentally he’s right on track and unless he gets sick, we don’t have to go back to the doctor until next June for his 4-year-old checkup! Amazing. And, considering he’s a pretty healthy little boy over all, we may not have to go over the winter. The challenge will be to remember to make the appointment next spring.

Like I said, developmentally he’s right on track. He loves to scribble and can draw a straight line if you ask and he’s willing. No shapes or anything recognizable, but his doctor said that’s normal for this age. He can jump and run and balance on one foot with ease. He talks and talks and talks (I have no idea where he gets that from looks innocent) and uses lots of words and full sentences and paragraphs really. He loves to look at pictures and identify them and will tell you the story based on the pictures. He loves to point out the big cutout of Frog whenever we go to the book store, and happily states that “he’s up there!” in reference to Harold (of purple crayon fame…).

He’s pretty good with his alphabet and can say it if he wants. He’ll often start at “E” or “F”, but that’s OK. He can count to at least 20 and when counting things will even remember to stop at the right number most of the time. (Although, there are times he’ll just keep going because he likes counting.)

As far as potty training and other personal care tasks, that’s where he needs to come along. He’s not behind, but he’s not ahead either.

I think our son is one of the only children I’ve ever known who does not want to take off his clothes. He can take off his pants and pull them up again if you don’t give him an option. He can put on his shirt with help. If you pester him enough, he’ll take off his shoes. (He loves to sort of wave his hands at his shoes and pitifully whine “I can’t!” whenever you ask him to do this…)

As far as potty training goes, well, it doesn’t. Day care still is putting him on the potty when he wakes from naps, even though he really doesn’t want to. We’ve been trying to put him on the potty firs thing in the morning and before bed, but if he says no when we ask if he needs to go/wants to go we don’t force the issue. He really doesn’t care yet if he’s wet or stinky. Every once in a while he’ll ask to go potty, but about 80% of the time this is a stall tactic, and the other 20% it’s well after the fact that he’s already peed his diaper. He’ll use going to the potty as a stall tactic at dinner or when we’re out if we’re asking him to do/eat something he doesn’t want to do or eat. It is frustrating, and we know it’s a stall tactic, but I’m not going to not take him just on the off chance that he isn’t bluffing.

He’s obsessed with the Elmo Potty Time DVD we got him and the “Bear in Underwear” book he got recently as well. But, if you ask him if he’s going to wear underwear or if he’s going to use the potty, his usual answer is a simple head shake or a “no”.

Oh well, we’ll get there. It’ll be a long, frustrating and annoying trip, but we’ll get there. This isn’t something any of us can force. (Although the thought of putting him in underwear for a couple of days when we’re home and dealing with the resulting mess is appealing at times. I think a good part of the problem is that he honestly doesn’t feel when he’s wet or realize how icky it is with the way diapers are today…)

Anyhow, enjoy the dragon picture at the top of the post. I’ve got to get back to work, but thought I’d give a “quick” update with where our wonderful, amazing little boy is. I realize I gave you a lot of facts, but I didn’t really give you much of his personality. He continues to be a sweet, loving, heart-meltingly adorable boy. He’s fun to be around (although the tantrums have been flaring a bit of late) and has enough imagination for 3 or 4 kids his age. He really is a joy to have around.

Peace to all and may your checkups be good and time be slow through the good parts.

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Feliz Cumpleanhos Boo!

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