Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sand, Baseball and Family

I know, I know, we're heading right into another weekend and I'm just now posting about the last one!  You'll have to forgive me though, as my weekend only ended yesterday.  (Yeah, I know, I know, but that's what vacation days are for!)

So, to say this was a busy weekend would be an understatement.  To say we had a great time would also be an understatement.  It was so very, very nice to finally get to see Jon and Becca after two and a half years.  I've missed them so.  I mean, sure we've got email and the phone but it's not the same as being able to hang out together.

Anyhow, Friday night is when Jon and Becca got into town.  They were staying at Mom and Dad's so, I didn't actually get to see them until Sunday.  Saturday started out as a "normal" Saturday with the laundry and lunch and stuff.  But, that evening we were going to the movies with Kat, Zoe, Steph, Billy, Barb, Norm and their two boys.  We went and saw Cars 2.  It was a good movie.  Maybe not quite as good as the first, but enjoyable none the less.  It might not be the most spectacular Pixar movie, but I wouldn't call it a bust either.  Boo sat beside Zoe mooching her popcorn and watching the entire thing.  He was great.  As far as the movie goes, the first movie was "Doc Hollywood" and this one is "Mater meets James Bond".  It was cute, funny in places and over all not too bad.  I could have waited to see it as a rental, but I'm glad we went as a group.

Sunday was baseball day!  Jon and Becca decided that for his third birthday they were going to take Boo and I to a game.  (Gak was more than welcome to come, but he declined as it was the end of a very long week for him and he's just not a baseball, or any sports, fan.)  Dad also came along as a Father's Day gift.  We all had a pretty good time.  Becca and I got a chance to catch up a bit as we hiked halfway around the stadium to the hoagie place that would make any hoagie a salad.  (I was totally stuffed for the entire game and quite happy with it... sure, I didn't need all the bacon that was on it, but...yum.)  Boo had a good time.  He spent some of his time watching the action on the field.  (Unfortunately, baseball doesn't have the most action and it can be a little hard to see and pay attention to...)  He also spent a lot of time playing with my camera, demolishing two small things of goldfish and just being a three-year-old little boy.  The Phillies won, which was great.  It was also nice that we didn't have to go into the bottom of the 9th, because Boo was just beginning to really hit that wall of tired/fussy/antsy.  He eventually fell asleep in the car once the traffic started moving and he realized that both Jon and Becca weren't going to play with him any more.

Monday was a good day.  Monday was also kind of a sad day.  Gak, Boo and I met up with Jon, Becca and Amma at the McDonalds right outside of Rehoboth Beach.  (I still find it hilarious that the one actually in Rehoboth Beach closed after only a few short years... I'm surprised Cold Stone Creamery has lasted as long as it has and I wonder how long Five Guys will last, they're the only national chains actually at the beach and boardwalk...)  Anyhow, this wasn't just a day for sun and fun.  This was the day that we were going to spread Gram's ashes in the water and the the tides take her away.  It was her wish.  We gathered by one of the jetties and Mom, Jon and I spread her ashes and let the waves take them away.  It was bitter-sweet.

The amazing part is the fact that we actually got Boo down to the water, and in very short order we had him splashing in the waves!  The past two summers he'd get about halfway to the water and then turn around and make a bee-line right for our blankets.  Once he got into the water splashing, he didn't really want to get out.  And he was OK when a couple of good sized waves got him good and splashed him up into his hair.  I was so very happy about that.  I love the beach and the sand and the ocean and it's nice to see my boy-o enjoying it too.  Gak had a pretty good time too, which is nice.  He actually had a two day weekend, and that is always a good thing.

Of course we had to have Grotto's for lunch (a bit of a late lunch, but we were too busy running or playing on the beach...).  We also had to have ice cream and visit Browse About Books.  Over all it was a great day, just right in length, but in some ways too short as well.  Tuesday Becca headed back to CA and Jon begins his European whirl-wind tour.  He was supposed to go to Vienna for a couple of days and then home, but the office called while we were at lunch and asked if he would go to London for about a week after Vienna "since he was already there".  Ugh.  He eventually said yes.  It'll make for a bear of a travel week, but hopefully he'll be able to dodge the next bullet that comes through like that.

Anyhow, Tuesday was a nice low-key day for me and the boys.  Other than spending about $600 on new tires for the truck.  (She really, really needed them.)  Gak had to work, but only his normal shift.  He's got to work open to close yesterday through tomorrow and then again on Tuesday.  Yesterday was also truck inspection day, and other than a bout $350 in repairs (and $50 for the actual inspection), she did just fine.  I'll gladly take spending only $1200 in truck repairs over the course of a year as opposed to around $4500 in truck payments.

Anyhow, time for me to wrap this up and get going.

Peace to all and may your weekends be good, and your family time fun.

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