Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bike Time

Today I got to do something totally awesome.  I got to pick my son up from day care on my bicycle!  Last week I was finally able to pick up a helmet for Boo and a seat for Lady (my bicycle).  As you can see, I now own a mom-bike (pardon the lousy picture, I took it with my phone and I'm still learning how to get pictures with it.).  And I'm so totally thrilled!
There were a few misadventures and a bit of grease and it took a couple of tries, but I got the seat on.  Boo had been saying he didn't want to ride on my bike, until we got to the store and I showed him the box.  I told him we'd get it and try it, and if he didn't like it, I could take it back.  (I'd just claim I couldn't get it to fit on my bicycle, which was almost true...)  Anyhow, once we got it into the cart, he wanted to ride my bicycle right then. It took me until Friday to get it all set up right, and away we went.  Let me tell you, I was only planning on taking a short ride Friday, but I think Boo would have let me ride to Amma's and back.  (Yeah, that'll never happen... it's 45 miles on the highway!)

Anyhow, today I was able to get home early enough to quick change into shorts and grab the bike and the helmets.  You should have seen the look on the ladies' faces when I pulled up and Boo was saying "my Momma's here!" and they didn't see the truck.  They both thought it was pretty funny.  I thought it was awesome, and so did Boo.  We took a nice 15 minute round about ride home.  (We mostly rode on the sidewalks even though you're not supposed to... I don't mind riding on the roads, but the sidewalks were empty and seemed a hair safer, except at the corners without ramps...)

Hopefully if It's not raining tomorrow I'll be picking him up on the bike again and we'll head to the park.  We didn't have enough time today.

I just thought I'd share this new adventure that I'm sharing with Boo.  I really love it.

Peace to all and may your transportation be happy and fun!

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