Tuesday, October 05, 2010


When did it get to be October already?
Ugh.  Time is just going too fast.
I was going to write a post Sunday evening, but that didn't happen.
I was going to write a post yesterday, but that didn't happen either.
It's not that I have a lot to say.  Well, maybe I do, but I probably won't actually say much of it.  As soon as I think of something great and maybe even meaningful to post, it goes right out of my brain like it never existed.  Oh well.  If I can ever catch any of those insights or points I wanted to make, I'll share, but until then they'll be lost in the black hole that is my brain.
Maybe what my problem is, is that I really only like to make one post in a day (call me strange) and really only like to have one "topic" per post, so instead of posting lots of things, I post nothing?  Hmm... I guess I'll have to think on that for a while.

Anyhow, Sunday was a wonderful day.  The weather was just awesome all weekend, starting Friday afternoon. Friday after work Boo and I went to the playground and had it almost all to ourselves.  The ground was so dry prior to all the rain we got, that it was mostly gone by the afternoon.  Saturday was a fairly normal Saturday for us, but Sunday was great.
Well, maybe great for me, but I'm not so sure about how much Gak and Boo really enjoyed it.
You see, I finally got back on the orienteering trail after several more months of not being able to get there.  It was one of the maps I enjoy in a park I like.  We were at French Creek on the West map.  Looking at the stats I chose the Orange course instead of Yellow because it was a hair shorter and had a bit less climb.  I'm glad I did, even if it took me forever.  (Control 7 was NOT an Orange control... but I didn't bugger it up too badly all things considered...)  I spent just over 2.5 hours walking, jogging and even running a bit through the woods.  It felt great.  The weather was just awesome.  The course was fun but not so challenging that I got too frustrated.  The woods were beautiful.  I really didn't spend much time on the trails, as most of the controls were nowhere near trails.  (And 7 that looked like it should have been on a trail, well, it was one of those "if you look hard enough" trails... and a stupid charcoal platform as well that are a pain to find when the leaves are coming down...)
I had taken the boys to breakfast shortly before leaving and Boo was waking from his nap right as I got home.  Gak had already eaten lunch (it was about 2:00), but Boo hadn't before going down for his nap.  So, he had a peanut butter toast sandwich and I had a turkey and cheese sandwich and we shared an apple.  It was quite a yummy lunch.  Then we go over to GameStop so Gak can trade in a couple of games for credit towards Fallout3 New Vegas.  Boo was bouncing off the walls, so we went over to the park for a bit, which of course included some swing time as well as his new obsession of climbing up to and going down the big slide with me.  He won't do it by himself, even with Gak at the bottom, but he'll gladly go down in front of me or sometimes even beside me.  I don't really mind, I like the slide.  Then it was a quick trip to the grocery store and home to fix dinner and play a bit before bed time.

Oh, and just because I haven't mentioned it in a while does not mean that bath time is better.  He's such a funny boy, and I don't really mean in the "ha ha" kind of way with this.  He'll ask for a bath, but then won't get into the tub.  Some days he'll gladly stand there, but most times he won't let me wash him without fussing at least a little bit.  Heaven forbid I try and wash his hair (something I only do once a week or so...) or even mention that his hair needs washing.  He'll happily play in the water while it's filling the tub, but last night I put him in the tub while it was filling (getting tired of wasting lots of water) and he really wasn't fond of that idea.  I think he was in the tub for all of 3 minutes at most.  I did manage to wash him down a bit without too much of a fuss though.  I tell you, these last 6 to 8 months of this is really getting old.  But... other than your normal 2-year-old getting into everything and wanting his way and being impatient and stubborn (not in this family! *sarcasm*) that's really the biggest issue.  Sure, his diet is quite limited when it comes to protein sources, but he doesn't gorge on sweets (although, he would if he could) and more often than not if you ask him what he wants for lunch or dinner right now his answer is "grapes!".  So, I've more or less given up on worrying about what he's eating, just making sure that he gets some protein in him other than just milk each day and only indulging our love of sweets on occasion.  (It's funny, but most times at home he doesn't ask for sweets, but fruits... but if we're over at Kat's he almost always asks for a cookie because he knows she always has Oreos around... and he's a chocolate fiend like the rest of us.)

Anyhow, I'm rambling now.  I've got to get myself together and out the door.

Peace to all and may your weekends and weather be good.

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