Sunday, October 24, 2010

Goodbye Ron

Yesterday I got some very sad news.  Some of you may remember this post where I showed off my latest crochet work and I mentioned a blanket and shawl I made.  Well, the battle is over.  My friend Ron has left this earth and his pain and suffering behind.  Yesterday morning at about 1:15 am he passed from this life at home, in a hospital bed next to the bed where his wife was sleeping.
I knew it wasn't going to be long.  We'd heard from Beverly earlier in the week that he wasn't doing well, and found out by the end of the week that he wasn't eating or able to drink.  Ron was such a strong fighter up until the end though.  He always had a positive outlook and knew he'd be healed, whether it was in this life or the next was the only thing up for debate.  His and his wife's faith is so strong.  I know it's what carried them through these last several excruciating months.
I do not know what the funeral plans are.  I do know that everyone in my department will be going.  (Or at least, I hope they will, even though it's the end of reporting month and we've got a ton of work... we'll probably all be putting in extra hours to make up for it, but I don't care at this point.)  Ron was much loved by just about everyone.  We may not have always agreed or seen eye-to-eye on things, but he was such a good guy.  And he was one of the few who stood behind me and supported me and told me I could do it when the going got tough and work was being miserable and I just wanted to give up and find a hole to crawl in.  He had such faith in me, that I couldn't do anything but work my way through the issues.  I really could have used his support recently, as it's been another tough time for me at work.  I'll just have to remember his faith in me and my abilities and carry it with me.
I will miss his laugh and his smiles and his caring heart.  I can only imagine the pain his family is going through right now.

I wish them peace and understanding and faith through this tough time.  I hope that they can begin to heal and rest from having to fight so long and so hard.

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