Monday, April 05, 2010

Family and Searching

I promise I have pictures and I promise I'll download them soon.  I'm just too tired to think clearly enough to do so tonight.
This weekend was very good.
Saturday morning we had our swim class and Boo had quite a good time and didn't really want to get out.  He's also all but floating on his tummy on his own now, but just don't tell him that.  He'll let you make him "reach and pull" and kick his feet for him, but he has yet to try on his own.  *shrug*  He's also more interested in drinking the pool than blowing bubbles into the pool, but thinks it's a riot when I blow bubbles onto his hand or belly.
After swimming we picked up Gak and met Kat and Zoe for brunch since Zoe was done bowling early.  Then we had enough time to run a few errands and head down to Maryland.
Boo only slept about halfway, or a little less really, but was quiet and content to just look around and zone out in his seat.  I'm glad we were early as it gave Boo a chance to figure everything out before being overwhelmed with people.  Let me tell you, I love Ben and Jenny's new house.  Not so fond of the crazy neighbor, but... that's life.  I'm sure they and the boys will enjoy is immensely.
The Bris was wonderful and it was even more wonderful to catch up with family.  Ethan Evaret Sugerman is a very cute little boy and a welcome addition to the family.  It really makes you realize exactly how fast time flies when I see him curled up and sleeping and so tiny compared to big, boisterous Boo.  It really is amazing.
Anyhow, after a long day we drove back into Baltimore and checked into our hotel.  Gak headed out to find something to eat and I had the task of getting Boo to sleep.  Which, amazingly wasn't that difficult, but did involve putting out all the lights.  And no, I didn't mind staying back to put the boy to sleep.  I wasn't hungry and I was tired and in reality, it was probably easier to put Boo to bed without Gak in the room.
Sunday was a very wonderful day.  We checked out of the hotel after breakfast and walked down to the Inner Harbor.  Around noon Michelle met us and we had some lunch, walked around and just caught up.  It was so wonderful to see her.  She really is missed.  It was even better because it was her birthday.  The day ended too quickly though and the drive home was mostly uneventful, even with a few pockets of slow.

Anyhow, today we went and looked at an apartment.  It's an end unit and not quite a townhouse and not quite an apartment.  The living area is all on the 2nd floor, but there's a basement as well.  It's a nice enough 2 bedroom place.  The rent is a bit high and the utilities sound like they'd be a bit higher than what we're paying now.  And despite the fact that it has central air and a deck and green, I'm somewhat underwhelmed by it.  Not totally turned off, but not in love and it really wouldn't do for long term.  (We'd have to put the dining room furniture into storage for one thing...)  It's got just enough room for now, but if we decided to try for a second child, it would be crowded fast.  I'm not sure there would be room for a crib and a bed in the 2nd bedroom.  Oh well.  We may apply there anyhow, just because.  We're going to keep looking though and hope to find something quick.  I know we could find a place over at Quakertown West, but those places really are a good bit smaller than where we're at and I'm not sure if the bonuses would outweigh the higher rent.  But, it would be a good fallback just in case.  I just would like to find a place we could stay another 3-5 years or even longer.  I have no delusions about ever owning a house at this point.  Not if we stay in PA.  Not unless one of us gets a HUGE raise and we manage to clean up our slightly spotty credit records to immaculate.  Yeah, not happening.  Besides, there are a few advantages to renting... if you have a good enough landlord.

I'm off to go do a few things before I crash.  It's been a long day.  I'll try and get the pictures up tomorrow.  Can I tell you how much I want my own bedroom back?  And my own bed?  Yeah.  I'm so done with this.  I've decided I really just don't care what our landlady does about the problem, just so long as she does something because I fully intend on not being here long enough to reap the consequences of bad decisions on her part.  If she wants to throw $300 at the problem every 3-6 months that's her problem, not mine.  We're out of here as soon as we find a place and give her notice.

Peace to all and may your weekends be full of wonderful friends and family and your searches fruitful.

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