Saturday, April 03, 2010

Baltimore Weekend!

Ok, first a quick update on "the problem" and then onto better and happier things.
Gak called the exterminator our landlady has used in the past to get him to come out and give a quote.  To say Gak was less than impressed would be an understatement.  He looked around for about 20-30 minutes (but he did show up on time..) and gave a quote of less than $300.  Now, everything I've read and heard says it should probably be in the $1500 to $3000 range, not $300.  Of course, that's only to spray our bedroom, I don't think it was the entire apartment and definitely not the entire building.  And no, he wouldn't put on the quote that if you only treat the one place they'll just migrate because "she knows that".  The crowning jewel to this experience was the fact that he said, if you pay cash I won't have to charge you tax.  Hmm... yeah.... OK... Somehow that just doesn't sound right and as much as I like saving money... nope.  So, we've got a call into Orkin for a second opinion, but they can only give a verbal unless they have permission from our landlady to come out.  (Something the other guy apparently didn't ask for...)
So, yeah, we're moving.  I don't know where yet.  We've got an appointment Monday evening to look at a place.  I hope I hate it.  It's half a twin (with a yard!) but I think the rent is going to be just out of our reach.  But, if it really is as nice as I think it might be, I just might have to find the extra $65/month we're not paying now.  (Of course, I do have a small raise that starts this week even with the sale of the business and it just means no eating out and no Y membership like I was planning.  A yard is much, much more important to me.)  The other downer is that it looks like in order to move, I've got to take a small loan from my 401(k).  I'm not too happy about it, but since I probably won't be able to retire in 30 years anyhow, I'm not sure it'll matter in the long run...

Anyhow, onto happier news.  We're going to be spending the entire weekend in the Baltimore area!  First off, today is the Bris for my cousin Ben's new son.  No, I don't know his name yet, we'll find that out this evening.  I'm so excited.  We never get to see each other often enough and well, any excuse is a good one.  Of course, my aunt and uncle will be there, whom I love, and I'm hoping Rae and Kami will be there too.  They're great and it stinks that everyone is so far away.  (Of course, Ben and family are only 2-3 hours away and we never see them... I blame not growing up together and just not being that close... but I really do enjoy them.)
Ben and family now live in the north-west corner of the Beltway loop.  Michelle is "home" from Canada for the week.  We thought about doing lunch today on our way down, but we've got swim class and she's doing Easter with the family today.  Her mom lives right near (or in) Columbia, MD.  So, Gak, Boo and I have a hotel room in Baltimore, a short walk from the Inner Harbor tonight and we'll be getting together with Michelle tomorrow.  Everyone is so excited!  It's been since Boo's birthday party that we've had the chance to get together.  I think that Michelle's missed us as much as we've missed her.  And even better, tomorrow is her birthday!  Yes, I'm very excited, practically vibrating in my seat.  We've got to call her today to confirm everything, but that's a minor detail.

I hope to have lots and lots of pictures to post when we get back.  Pictures of my newest cousin, of my boy-o having fun, family and of good times with Michelle.  This really is the break we've needed.  The best part is, we've only got to pay tax and parking at the hotel... I finally got to use up a bunch of my Hilton Honors points!  (of course, I think I should have had a lot more, but they've expired over the years... oh well.)

Well, I've got to get some stuff done this morning before swim class.
Peace to all and may the breaks come when you need them and contractors not be crooked.

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