Monday, December 21, 2009


One word can sum up this weekend, and that is snow.  We didn't get any where near the amount that my mom or Philadelphia did, but we got enough that it'll be around for a while.
Saturday by noon time I thought that the forecasters had blown it for this area again.  The 10-12 inches that they had been talking about the night before had yet to materialize, in fact, there was barely a coating down and it had stopped!
Of course, I open my big mouth too soon.  I had called mom and they already had a good 4 inches or more down on the table, and they weren't getting hit as hard as Philly was.  Shortly after talking with Mom, the skies opened up and the snow started falling.  And it fell all through the night and stopped by early morning some time.  I think we ended up somewhere in the neighborhood of 6-8 inches.  That's plenty for me!
Saturday, figuring the snow was going to start early up here like they'd said on the news, Boo and I didn't go anywhere, even though Poppa had to go in to work.  It turns out we could have gone to do the laundry with ease after all, but that's hind-sight for you!  Poppa worked, Boo and I had a 'snow day' in our pajamas.
Sunday, in the middle of the afternoon, we were all getting a little itchy to go somewhere, or at least get the car dug out.  The amazing thing is that we really didn't have to do much to clear off the car.  It had all either blown away or had melted off by the time we got down there.
We ended up going over to Kat's for a bit.  Zoe spent a few minutes trying to teach Boo how to play in the snow and to get him into it.  He went along with it for a little bit, until he slipped and fell in face first.  That was the end of that, so we retreated into the warm house.
Today was another grand adventure.  Boo and I were supposed to head down yesterday evening to Amma's, but PopPop wasn't feeling very good, so we didn't.  Instead, we went down first thing this morning.  I think I hit every red light between here and there and all the drivers were going 25, even though the roads were all clear, some just a little damp.  You see, today was her water exercise group's Christmas breakfast.  Since I had off, Mom invited Boo and I down.  We decided to go swimming as well.  Unfortunately, I only got to take Boo into the water for about 20 minutes.  Which, is probably a good thing anyhow.  After a few minutes of not being happy, Boo quickly warmed up to the idea of the really huge bath tub and started splashing away.  He wouldn't dream of letting go, but that's OK, he doesn't need to yet.  After the pool time, breakfast was good.
The rest of the day was spent going to Trader Joe's and then hanging out with Amma and PopPop for a while.  PopPop was feeling much better by the time we got there around noon.  This is a good thing and the boys enjoyed their time together.
I just wish today had been a good eating day for the boy.  Here's what he ate today.  10 oz of milk, 2 or 3 "adult" sized bites of pancake, a strawberry fruit bar and most of a packet of Teddy Ghrams.  He had some cereal, some tortillia chip strips, a spice wafer, a little more milk some raisins and some mandarin oranges and about 1/12 of a grilled cheese sandwich at Amma's.  Tonight for dinner he had a container of yogurt, 2/3 of a chicken nugget, some more cheerios and  a Gerber chewy granola bar.  So, he got plenty of fruit and milk into him today, and even some grains, but not much other protein.... at all. *sigh*  I wish I could get him to eat something other than "snack" food.... Oh well.  Some days are better than others.

I think I'm done rambling.  I've got to get the trash together and then I'm going to head to bed shortly, after reading a few pages.  Gak has to be in to work by 10 this week, so not much "morning" for the boys.  Oh well.  I've got enough errands and stuff to keep me hopping.  Oh, and I re-learned the lesson that Boo cannot give up naps yet.  We'll just leave it at that.

Peace to all and may your days be fun, the pool be warm and the snow not too inconvenient.

P.S. About Friday's entry... I was feeling bitter and cranky.  I don't begrudge my co-worker her vacation time in the least.  The root of my grumpiness is the unpaid part of FMLA, that whole bill needs a good overhaul.  We don't need to go as overboard as some places like Canada and England, and we shouldn't just limit it to family leave either... there are all kinds of emergencies and very good reasons why a person would need to take 4 or 5 weeks off (or more) without fear of loosing their job or their house for not being able to pay... But that's a whole different soap box which I really don't want to get on right now, I'm too tired to make my argument and have it make any kind of sense.


barb said...

Gotta say living in Canada I don't feel our mat leave is overboard I think its very important for a mother and or father to stay home for a year with their baby and not have the worry of losing their job

And most importantly its not like we are getting money handed to us we pay into that leave every pay cheque we get just wanted to clarify that

Merry Christmas Addey and happy crocheting

Addey said...

Thanks Barb! I'll be the first to admit I don't always know how it works on the other side of the border. I just see a large potential for abuse, but it is nice to know that it comes out of your pay in the long run, not from the company pockets, that makes a HUGE difference.

Barb said...

Hi Addey, yes we pay into U.I benefits on every pay cheque, I gotta say I am very thankful we have the year leave and it can be split between both parents, now granted when I had my daughter it was three months, a year would have been amazing but I think the point is for all of us that have had to leave our babies no time is long enough.

I think no matter how long the leave is we struggle but I was surprised when my friend who lived in the States only got 6 weeks! you would barely even been recovered from having your baby, there has to be a happy medium somewhere

I feel for every parent who struggles with this I really do in a perfect world things would sure be different

the thing to remember is Boo is loved by two great parents and family and is in a safe place while you work and is a beautiful little boy :)