Sunday, December 13, 2009

Boring Week, Busy Weekend

OK... so it's been almost a week since I posted.  No, nothing tragic has happened to keep me away from the keyboard.  But, other than this weekend, not much great has happened either.  It's been just another ordinary week in this ordinary family.  Well, about as ordinary as ever.
Gak worked full days Thursday and Friday and let me tell you, Thursday when we dropped Boo off at day care in the morning, he so wasn't awake.  The poor boy was standing there with the most confused look on his face, even as the car pulled away.  He was fine later, but you could tell he wasn't awake yet.
Wednesday was a crapo day weather-wise.  It had started out as snow over night and then turned into rain.  When I left, was saying "light rain".  If that was "light rain" then Katrina was a mild hurricane.  I admit, I was leaving in the dark, and I hate driving in the dark in the rain, but, it was a very crappy drive in.  Other than that, it was a normal work week for both of us.  Gak's beginning to get to the hectic holiday shipping time, but that's a good thing.
This weekend was all the fun stuff.
Friday at lunch I ran down to the mall and ToysRUs and finished up the Christmas shopping for the boy and bought some Lands End pants that were on sale 40% off, or was it 50%?  Anyhow, they were $20 and they fit well enough.  I mean, they're not perfect, but since I'm in desperate need of pants for work and they were only $20, I call it "good enough".  It turns out that I'm going to return the "big" gift we got Boo.  One, he doesn't really need it and, two, it's kinda neat and he'd probably get some good use out of it, but it doesn't seem like it'll be that long-lived for $30.  So, we've spent about $70 on him for Christmas, which is a little more than twice what we've spent on any one else on average.  I have no problems with that, as there are "two" of us buying him gifts.  I've got 3 packages that I need to get ready and get into the mail.  One headed for California, one to Oklahoma and one to Canada!  I really hope they all enjoy their presents when they get there.  It was especially challenging this year with the budget restrictions.  I had fun with it though.  I still need to get Gak's gift(s), but I think I know what I'm going to get him... finally.  And to figure out something nice, but small, for mom and dad.  Yes mom, I know just having us come down for the day is more than enough, but... I don't get you things often, so let me?  Besides, if it really bothers you, think of it as a "thank you" for spending your Monday afternoons with my boy.  (Yes, I know you'd do it no matter what, but that doesn't mean I can't say Thanks!)
Anyhow, that was Friday... and I think I wandered off topic there for a bit, but I'm a little tired.
Last night, Amma came up here to watch Boo for the evening so Gak and I could go to my company's holiday party.  It was quite a bit of fun really.  I like most of the people I work with and most of those who I'm not so fond of weren't coming.  It was a "casino night" with poker, black jack, roulette and craps.  Instead of using real money, you were given $1000.00 Company Dollars to play with and you could turn the chips in for raffle tickets for prizes.  Gak and I managed to win the most without buying more chips, so we got a gift certificate for some free stuff from the business that ran the games at the party.  Overall it was quite an enjoyable weekend and both Gak and I enjoyed ourselves.
Today was a lot of running around.  This morning Boo woke up at 7 of course.  This is because his Momma didn't get to sleep until almost midnight.... and didn't sleep all that well either.  Anyhow, after a morning of fiddling around the house we finally get our act together and go over to the Q-mart for a little shopping and people watching, then to the grocery store.  What was nice at the grocery store is I ran into my Ex's mom.  I really do like her and enjoy catching up with her.  (I still like my Ex as a person, but we never hang out any more, and that's OK.  I miss my friends I had through him and enjoy catching up with them when I can.)  Then we came home and both boys took a nap while I fiddled around on the computer.
The real highlight of today was the fact that we were going down to PopPop and Amma's for Hanukkah tonight.  Tonight was the 3rd night.  I love lighting the candles and listening to the prayers.  Hanukkah is a wonderful holiday.  And Boo got his first present of the season.  He got the Leap Pad AlphaPet Explorer from his PopPop and Amma.  I had shown it to Amma a few weeks ago on a Target trip and had shown it to Boo Thanksgiving week.  He seemed to enjoy it.  He can work all the buttons, but he doesn't quite understand enough to "play" the games.  He loves hitting the buttons and making it do things and he will grow into this toy and it will be entertaining for quite some time, even after he masters the alphabet.
So, it was a normal, almost boring week with a fun filled weekend.
This week looks to be more of the same.  Next week I have vacation time!  I'm so excited about that.
Anyhow, I'd better get to bed if I want to make it in by 7 like I'm supposed to tomorrow.
Peace to all and may your holidays be happy and full of fun and laughter.

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