Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Lazy Weekend

OK, so it's been a bit since I posted.  I'd love to say that it's because we've been having grand adventures and I just didn't have time to post anything.  I'd be lying.
Friday was good in the fact that it was the end of the week.  I'm still fighting tooth and nail to find my job interesting and actually pay attention to it.  It is interesting, but there are so many non-work related things I'd rather be doing that I just don't care enough about work.  Oh well.  I've got to get over this and fast though.
Friday evening was the tree lighting at the little triangle "park" right near the house.  This meant traffic was all kinds of blocked off and crazy.  Therefore, instead of picking Gak up and coming home from dinner, I took the sheet of Friendly's coupons that just came in the mail and we went out for dinner.  Boo actually ate very well.  He ate about 3/4 of his grilled cheese sandwich, a few fries and about 1/3 of his ice cream.  Of course, I finished off his ice cream for him..... Gak would have but had a bigger sundae to begin with, one of their lava cake sundaes.  It looked yummy but way too much.
Anyhow, Saturday we got the first snow of the season.  Boo and I didn't leave our PJ's all day.  Nope, we snuggled and played and he napped and I played all day.  He did spend a good bit of time standing on the radiator (with me right behind him) watching the snow and the traffic and the people.  I now really need to wash the windows, I think he left about a quarter inch of boy fingerprints and spit on them.  It is so worth it though.
Friday evening he was feeling a bit off.  He was a little warm, but not a real fever.  I figure he's fighting a bit of a cold from school off, dealing with the H1N1 vaccine and is a little out of sorts due to the teeth coming in.  That's part of why we didn't go anywhere Saturday and made Gak drive himself.  Saturday night was a long night because Boo just didn't sleep well.  Twice in the middle of the night (well, 2 am and 6 am) he woke up not happy.  Both times I pulled him into our bed for a little bit and he spent 45 minutes to an hour just kicking me.  The second time Gak gave up and got up with him.  Luckily Boo took a nap fairly early and (amongst other things) I was able to get the laundry and grocery shopping done while he napped for at least part of the time.  It's kinda sad that going and doing laundry without my boy is seen as a relaxing, enjoyable thing.  Oh well.

So, that's what we've been up to.  Last night I crocheted a "mitten keeper" for Boo's mittens.  I'm more worried about me loosing his mittens than him loosing them!  It's also too cold for him not to have them right now.  I love fleece material.  I had bought him a new hat and mitten set (couldn't find any plain mittens that would be very warm without being too big) that are fleece.  He didn't really need the hat, but I figure having an extra around is never a bad idea.  And it was an ear-flap one that velcros at his chin, another good thing.  I'm sure everyone remembers either those little metal and ribbon clip things that we used to use on our mittens or gloves to keep them attached to our jackets or have seen mittens tied together with a long string.  Well, I decided to crochet one for Boo's mittens.  Because they're fleece, I was able to just make a small slit in the fabric, join my yarn with a couple of single crochets, chain a very long chain, make a few more single crochets at the other end and slip stitch back along the chain to the original end to make the thing a little stronger.  Yes, I made sure to measure before starting and the "rope" is more than long enough.  His jacket is one of those where you can unzip the lining and wear it separately.  So, to prevent getting tangled up with clothes and to avoid being too annoying, I threaded the mittens between the layers.  So now, if he decided to ditch his mittens for whatever reason, they won't go too far.

Well, I've been rambling on long enough.  I've got to start getting my butt ready and out the door.

Peace to all and may your weekends be comfortable and the season be merry.

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