Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all my friends that celebrate this holiday.  If you don't celebrate this one, or others as well, I hope those have been good as well.  (I've got friends all over the holiday spectrum, so it's easiest to just pick a day and wish everyone well....)
Anyhow, today was a good day.  Last night we went over to Kat's house.  There were only a few people there, including Uncle Joe and Aunt Eileen.  It was nice to have a low-key evening.  Zoe and Boo love each other and love playing together.  That's good, as Boo will be spending the day there on Tuesday since his day care is closed.  Anyhow, we left there pretty late (for me at any rate...) and Boo didn't fall asleep until we were about a block or two from the house, he'd been up and wired and playing hard with Zoe all night.
This means that he actually sleeps in this morning.  Of course, I didn't sleep well and was up by 7:30, but that's OK.  It gave me a little time to piddle around on the computer before Boo woke up.  Boo decided to join the land of the wakeful around 8:30 or so.
I think we got too many things for Boo, he was just so overwhelmed by the sheer number of presents to open.  By the end of the day he was delegating and handing things to people to open for him.  We got him about 6 or 7 different things and he got lots and lots of clothes and some books and toys from the Oklahoma half of the family.  We really love everything they sent us.  Thank you!!
Gak got me a new game for my DS, a small rice cooker we'd looked at and thought about a few times in the past. (We love rice, but it's such a pain to deal with on a week night.... I do wish this one had a delayed start, but it'll be great as it stands.)  Boo got me a book and a back massager thing, which will be nice once I get the batteries in it.  I got Gak a gift certificate to the movies, which we're actually going to use this coming weekend because Amma is coming up to watch Boo all day Monday anyhow.  I can't wait to actually have a date with my husband!  I think the last time was for his birthday..... and that was September and too long ago now.
Anyhow, after presents we had a nice breakfast of gingerbread pancakes (from an Archer Farm's mix I got at Target, super yummy!) and sausage.  Boo surprised the heck out of me and ate almost an entire pancake all by himself!  (He loves spice wafers and I can usually get him to eat a little pancake, so this was a hit.)  Then it was down to my parents' house.
We had a good day with my parents.  Amma and PopPop were thrilled as ever to see their grandson.  And he was very happy to see them as well.  We all exchanged a few more gifts, books from PopPop, book gift cards from Amma and some fun things from Jon and Becca.  I have to say, I think the present to Boo and I from Jon and Becca is my favorite of the season.  It is something I've wanted, but just couldn't afford to do for myself.  They gave me gift certificates to the Upper Bucks YMCA so I can sign Boo and I up for a baby and me swim class.  I only remember mentioning it once or twice as something I'd like to do, but apparently, they agreed it was a wonderful idea and gave me a way to make it happen.  Especially after Monday's fun in the pool, I think Boo is just about at the age to really get a lot out of this.  I have to figure out when the next sessions are and see if there are any openings in the Saturday morning class.  It'll be nice, not only to get some one-on-one time with my son, but to also meet some other parents of kiddos about the same age that are local.  Some days I feel a little adrift, since all my friends have kids that are older than Boo, most of them at least 7 years older (Nik is only 18 months older, but I don't see Ed of Buffie often.)  I really can't begin to thank Jon and Becca enough.  It is really touching.  Especially with the way everything is right now.  I'm so truly lucky to have the brother I do and he's really lucky to have found someone as wonderful as Becca.  I miss them both.
Anyhow, it was a good, low key day at Amma and PopPop's.  There are a few things that are lurking and nagging in the back ground, making their presence known throughout the day.  I don't feel like talking about them yet, but I'm sure I will at some point.  Boo didn't nap, but he fell asleep within a couple of miles of leaving for home.  Hopefully he'll sleep well tonight.
Tomorrow Gak has to head back to work (he had yesterday off, which was wonderful).  It's a normal Saturday, so that's not too bad.  Boo and I get to go on another adventure though.  One of my closest friends from jr/sr high school is back in town.  I haven't seen her since high school, or maybe college graduation.  So, tomorrow morning after dropping Gak off ant work, Boo and I are going to head down to Ikea to meet up with Cybele.  I've missed her and I can't wait to catch up.  It sounds like she's done a lot of amazing things the last several years and I can't wait to hear all about them.  My life has been pretty plain in comparison, but I'm happy with it more days than not.  Anyhow, I'm really looking forward to catching up, I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow.
You'll have to make do with the one picture at the top of this post for now.  I have others to post to Flickr as well as some video, but the video isn't edited and I'm too tired to do anything with it tonight.  I'll try and get it up tomorrow at some point.

Peace to all and may your holidays be happy and your families (by blood or choice) be awesome.

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