Saturday, July 08, 2006

The weekend already??

I can't belive it... It is the weekend again already! This week has flown by way too quickly. I have managed to get a bit done around the house, but no where near what I thought I was going to.
I've got the curtains for the living room almost done. I haven't touched a single box of stuff or organized the back room at all.
I've had lots of adventures in Norrath. Finally getting to know a few people in Oops other than my other fallen Knights. I'm finally able to go up to the Kingdom of Sky by myself and not get killed every 5 minutes or less. I did have an enjoyable evening with a few people doing some quests in the Sands. I still hate that place. I think the story line of it got too old, too quick. I mean, I like the Arabian Nights and Aladan and all, but to spend over 10 levels in the same area and because of a not-so-great choice at the beginning not wanting to venture to the main city to get quests? Not my idea of fun in the least. It is definately a grind zone. I hate grinding. Give me some good quests and I'm there. Solo quests becuase I can't always count on my friends being on (and I am a little shy about making new ones easilly...) and don't always feel like grouping anyhow. Overall, my oppinion of the Sands is, it would have made a great adventure pack, but no way would I stay there from level 45-ish to 60. I admit, I could have spent more time in Everfrost, but I grew tired quickly of those damn ice lizards. I could have gone to Lavastorm, but again, it's a mostly heroic agro zone and I don't always group much. That left me the sands. Or finding a guildie who had the time and wanted me to heal them up in the Sky. Which really spoils going back to the Sands. Feels like punishment almost. I don't know, maybe I'm just feeling bitter or angry or something that I haven't had as much time the past few months and my friends have outstripped me in level yet again. I shouldn't feel that way. It is a game after all. But one I enjoy playing and playing with my friends. Actively, not just chatting with them.
I've been feeling similar frustrations with my Orienteering lately too. Orange has been a bitch this year. At least for me. I really do need to go to the training weekend this fall. I think I've gotten about as far as I can without major instruction and taking the time to actualy learn what I am doing. I do very well if there is a handrail or catching feature anywhere near the control I'm going for. Put the controll in the middle of what, with a casuall, untraind glance, looks like a featureless plain, I'm sunk.
Ok, enough moping and being frustrated about things not always in my control. I'm heading into Norrath for a bit before Gak wakes up and I have to actually be responsible and get things done.
Peace to my friends in Norrath and beyond.

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