Monday, July 24, 2006

Traffic Trials

I'm tired. I hate the Blue Route. (Yes, that's a 'name' of a local road...) I-95 isn't much better...
This weekend was quite enjoyable. We visited both friends and family in Maryland. Saturday after Gak got off work, we went down to visit my friend Michelle from college. It has rained a lot in the last week, with some pretty nasty storms (i.e. it was raining sideways!). It rained a bit on our way down. The oddest thing though, is that the Blue Route and I-95 slowed to a crawl at various places and for quite a bit of the trip after the rain stopped. No real reason. No accidents, no construction and the toll areas were clear.
We get to Michelle's and decide what to do about dinner. Then the skies open up and the rain starts at full force. We run for the car and get drenched. I drop them off at the door and then have to find a parking space. Even more drenched. It's all good though. We have a good meal, wander around some shops for a bit and then go back to her place and watch Clue.
Yesterday morning Michelle and I go to the gym. Gak and I are planning on heading to the aquarium for a bit before heading over to my cousin's house. My aunt and uncle are in town from California and they, my cousin and his wife, Gak and I and my parents are all getting together for a cookout. I thought Mom said between 3 and 3:30. Nope, between 2 and 3. Oops.
Gak and I go to the Inner Harbor, but the line for the aquarium is about a mile long and we don't have all day. Oh well, we'll just have to go back. We wander around a bit and visit the USS Constellation. It's a good thing Gak was in the modern Navy, not the Civil War era Navy. My hubby can't clear the ceilings below decks. In some cases, I felt very tall... and I'm not.
We head over to my cousin's house and since we're running late, I hit every traffic light on our way back to Towson. My cousin and his wife have a beautiful house and a friendly and cute little dog. We had a wonderful time. It really is amazing how similar the people in our family are. The only thing that would have made it any better is if my brother and my cousin Rachel had been there.
We leave Ben's around 8. We should have been home by 10:45 or so. I-95 cooperated this time and we get back to PA in good time. Then we get back onto the Blue Route. We're about 50 miles from home at this point and should be home in about an hour (or less....). Suddenly, we stop. We creep at 10 miles an hour or less for 12 miles. It is now 11:15 and we still have almost 45 minutes left of driving ahead of us. This time at least it was a known cause. Construction. I'd forgotten about it, as it is only on the northbound side right now. And they took it down from 3 lanes to 1. Yep, 1.
Needless to say I got home exhausted and around midnight. As odd as this sounds, I was too exhausted to sleep, but I couldn't stay awake. Not a very restful night. Oh well. It'll just be a tired Monday.
Peace to all and somebody take a nap for me.
Oh, as an after thought... I ordered a new computer Saturday morning so now Gak and I will both be online at the same time soon!!!

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