Monday, July 17, 2006

Not too bright....

Some days I'm not too bright. Ok, many days I'm not too bright. Yesterday was right up there in the Not Too Bright list.
Saturday we all went out for a friend's birthday. HUGE dinner, good friends and a nice evening. That ended around midnight (yes, early I know, but not early for me...).
Sunday morning I wake up and realize I never talked to my friend Uday about carpooling to the O-event at Daniell Boone. Crap. I call him and he's about ready to head out the door. I live about a mile away, so I throw my stuff in my bag, kiss Gak good morning and head out the door.
I remembered all my O-gear. Well, except the bug repellent (which I rarely use) and sunscreen. Remember that I forgot the sunscreen; I can't forget that information today.
We get to the Wa Wa for dark fluid of wakefulness +2. Uday doesn't have his wallet. No problem, I was going to give him cash for gas anyhow. We make it out to the event on time, early even. There was still some setup stuff to do, so of course we help out. Mind you, by now it's just about 10am and already above 80 (or so I'm guessing). And Sunny. And a little humid. And did I mention I forgot my sunscreen and that Boone doesn't have a lot of shade?
This was a unique event, the event director was calling it a 'spell-O'. You had a short or a long option. There were lots of controls placed out there. You get to choose which ones and which order. Ok, nothing unique there, that's a score-O. But wait, each control has 2 or 3 letters associated with it. If you're doing the long course, you must spell out, in order, Daniel Boone Homestead. Those of us doing the short course had to spell Go Orienteering. Ok, so this is a score-O with a twist. Other rules included not getting more than 2 of any one letter on a single side of the creek and you must stick to paths, roads and clearings (makes sense as Boone is a pricker bush haven). Sounds like fun. It was. Except for the heat. And did I mention I forgot my sunscreen?
I ended up not getting all my controls because I nearly fell over from the heat. I ended up off a path (what I thought was a path died in the middle of a patch of prickers) at one point so my legs are all scratched up. And of course, I forgot the sunscreen. And I wore a tanktop to be cooler. Therefore my shoulders are nice and toasty red.
*sigh* Sometimes I'm not too bright. But I did have fun....
Peace (and no sunburn!) to my friends in Norrath and beyond.

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