Thursday, July 27, 2006

"The Beast"

I mentioned earlier this week I was getting a new computer. I ordered it from Dell on Saturday morning. It was 'tennativley' scheduled to ship by Monday the 31st with 3-5 day ground shipping. Cool! I'll have it by the time I get back from South Dakota next week.
I was driving up the PA Turnpike when my phone rings. Expecting it might be Gak I answer. No, it's an automated call from UPS telling me my Dell order will be delivered sometime between 8 am and 7pm tomorrow (i.e. today) the 27th. *GASP* I don't even have a desk for it yet!
I call Gak and tell him the good news.
It came in today and he picked it up at work. (Very convenient Gak working at a UPS store for when we receive packages etc.)
He took it home this evening and set it up. He has named it The Beast. It makes his computer look tiny he says. It's a Dell XPS400. Sweet! Mostly bottom of the line, but I did make a few improvements.

I can't wait to get home and play with it. I'm kinda bummed that Gak got to open it first, but that's OK. It's mine. And now we can game together. I am glad in a way that Gak got to open it because he is lovingly installing EQII on it as I type from my hotel room and patching it tonight. How did I end up with such a sweetie???

Peace to all and Gak and I will both see you in Norrath soon!

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