Monday, July 31, 2006


Wow is all I have to say.
My new computer rocks. I got home about 8pm Friday night. Gak had pizza waiting for me and my computer set up. We chowed down on the pizza and then headed into the world of Norrath. Together. For the first time ever. Needless to say we had a blast. We took names and killed lots of stuff. Mind you, my computer was set up at an end table beside the sofa so I was sitting on the floor. I didn't care. The monitor was so clear and the computer was so fast I didn't mind.
Saturday while Gak was at work I again ventured into Norrath. I was grouped with a few people and had some fun. People laughed when I told them I was sitting on the floor. Gak and I did a hit-and-run raid on IKEA after he got off work Saturday. We got 2 new desks and a second chair. We got the first desk put together Saturday night. Mind you, this was around going out to dinner and the fire company carnival with some friends.
Sunday we both grouped up with some long-time friends of ours. Much mayhem was created. There was much dying. Mostly our prey, but occasionally us. I think there was a little more mayhem than usual because of Team Speak. I thought I wouldn't like TS. I was wrong. Typed conversations are fun, but actually being able to talk to people is so much more fun.
Last night both Gak and I were able to attend the raid. About 2 or 3 hours in (I forget really, it's all blurry) someone on TS finally realized that both Gak and I were online at the same time. Everyone laughed and told them they were being very observant tonight and to look at the boards more...
I'm tired today. I go to South Dakota tomorrow. I'll be home Friday.
Peace to all, and may the heat be not so bad.

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