Monday, May 08, 2006

What a weekend!

Well... This weekend was eventful. We're dog and house sitting for friends. Not so bad except for the fact that the dog is a little yapper who likes to wake you up at 3am because she thinks she heard a car/dog/cat/person 3 miles off. Saturday night we went to the Tikki Bar to celebrate a friend's birthday. That was a lot of fun. Sunday... Well... Sunday was big.
Sunday morning I did my usual thing for this time of year... I headed out to the DVOA orienteering meet. Hung out with some friends and completed an Orange level course. It was a good course but long and I was slower than usual. Ok, so far this is normal.
There was an officer meeting for the guild. Some things had been posted on the feedback boards of the guild and tempers were flaring. I admit that it was my husband and I who brought these perceived problems forward. Everything was going well. It sounded like the guild was heading in the direction we thought it always was headed and that some communication issues were being resolved. Yeah! Then the longtime absent and recently returned leader decided he needed to address a few things. Ok.... (this was one of the issues... We felt that after being gone for what appeared to be 4 months, but only 2 according to login records, we didn't like him coming back and immediately making blanket lordship type statements.) Well, unfortunately, tempers got lost and things were said that can never be taken back. It came down to a 'that's the way it is, take it or leave it' statement. In order to preserve peace for the rests of the guild, my husband and I left. It hurt like hell. These people had been our friends for a year now. We're not leaving the game. This is too stupid a reason to leave EQII. Our friends will still talk to us. What will be missed most is the guild chat channel. There were lots of hugs and best wishes and don't leave us behind comments going on in chat as we took our characters out.
I want to take this time to apologize to all my friends in the Knighthood. I really wanted it to work out between Gak, myself and the leader. I felt everything was going to until the end there. I feel as if I let you down, by not keeping my temper or emotions under firmer control.
I will be out of game for the next two weeks almost. This week we're house sitting and no computer and next week I'll be out near Pittsburgh for most of the week. I'll see my friends in Norrath as soon as I can.


Weary Paladin said...

This was indeed a bad weekend for me.With Addey and Gakumm leaving the guild..they are, suffice it to say...sorely missed. I was also sad to see that Ulli and Syn left as well.I will always keep in touch though....remember this paladin is rising in level, don't let me catch up!

Addey said...

We can never forget you. As a matter of fact, I hope to help you close that gap. (50 is boring and tough alone...)