Monday, May 15, 2006

Fun Fun Fun in the PoF

Friday my husband sent me home for the night.
We've been dog/house sitting for friends for over a week and I'd been on the road the entire week before and will be gone almost all of this week. I was burned out, needed to sleep in my own bed and needed some computer time. (He'd stolen some a few days since he didn't have to be in to work until 2:30 or so.)
I get home (*sigh of relief*) and put some food on to cook. I boot up the computer and dial the modem. Ahhh... The addict can finally get a fix.
And what a fix did I get! I was online for about 3 minutes when Friend Synseer show up on my chat window... and then Friend Treats and Niznusan in close order. Friend Darkmage logs on at some point too.
Next thing I know, I'm grouped with Syn, Charitee and Treats, just like always, having fun and busting butt in Pillars of Flame. The friendships were still there. We still made a very effective killing team. We still had a ton of fun picking on each other. (Syn was spineless. He said so. Oh, wait, he meant he needed a goblin spine...) Holding four tell conversations at once was a little challenging as well, but I did get a chance to catch up with my friends.
We did call it an early night though. Treats was going to meet up with her sweetie and I was falling asleep at the keyboard. (Not a healthy thing for the group when one of the healers is asleep at the wheel...)
Saturday I spent quite a bit of time just fooling around and not really getting very far. Took my Troubadour out for a spin and got her killed a few times.
I really can't wait for this trip to be over so I can spend some quality time with the computer and my friends in Norrath.
I'm off to Pittsburgh (well, near there at any rate) this afternoon.
Take care and peace to all my friends in Norrath and beyond.

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