Monday, May 22, 2006

Addey the Drowned Ratling

I'm stiff. I'm sore. I had a good time in the woods yesterday.
Yesterday the DVOA meet was at Hickory Run up near the Pocono's. A great park I used to camp at a lot with my Scout troop. Very different terrain than the rest of the parks we usually have events at.
The day started out sunny and warm when we grouped at my friend Uday's house. We decided to carpool since it is about 60 miles or so to the park. As we head north on the Turnpike we're all ignoring the fact that the sky is getting grey and cloudy. When we get to the park, it's grey, windy and a bit on the cool side. Grey is fine. Cool is fine. Windy is OK once you're in the trees. The threat of rain is not smile-making.
We register and try not to freeze in the wind waiting to start. Manju and I were doing Orange, Rich did brown, Rick did Red and Uday did blue.
Start went well. Control 1 went well. Controls 2, 4 and 6 did not. On my way to control 8, I realized I had about 30 minutes to finish and 4 controls plus finish to do. Not going to happen. It also starts to rain. I call it a day and decide that DNF was about as good as I was going to get. So I hike back along the road in the rain. Which stops as I get back to the Start/Finish.
Oh well. It was a fun day anyhow. I wasn't the only one to DNF or have a worse than usual day. Even the best in the club were having problems.

My adventures in Norrath this weekend followed much the same lines as my orienteering. Lots of death, some mayhem. I did get level 51 though! My husband stumbled across a guild and ended up joining them. He says they seem to be really nice people and that I'd probably like them. We'll see. I might try and hook up with some of them tonight. I just can't remember the name of the top of my head. Fools and Heroes or something like that.
Peace to my friends in Norrath and beyond. May you have sunnier skies than I have this past week.

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