Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Key West Wrapup

Actually, this was farewell to the Conch Republic (aka Key West), as I was looking out the plane window before we took off.
Friday night was a blast. Treats met me at the theater for Rocky Horror. We did dress up. Treats has this GREAT outfit. I had to make due with what I could scrounge toghether. When we went shopping on Tuesday, I found some neat stuff, but it just didn't work with the shoes I had... and other things. *sigh*A scary guy asked her if she was going to work on her short walk to the theater. Was kinda creepy. She ignored him and got a cab.
The crowd wasn't as in to it as some nights, but they seemed to have fun none the less. Everyone did a great job. Afterwards, Treats, Rodentia and I went across the street to the Grand for drinks and to hang out with the cast a bit. (I can't remember his name...) The guy who played Eddie is good friends with Treats and Rodentia so we got to talk a bit. Had a great time, but called it a night 'early' because Rodentia was beat and had to work in the morning.
Saturday I had a few hours to kill before heading to the bustling (?) airport. I drove around a bit and went to the beach and talked to my Grandmother. She always gets a kick out of it when I call her from some exotic beach. The rest of the day was uneventfull. I had a wonderful lunch at Blue Haven, as suggested by Rodentia et. al. and caught my flight home.
In the world of Norrath, both Gakumm (my husband) and I left the guilds we had started to hang out with to join Oops. Most of our friends who left the Knighthood had wandered over there and had wonderful things to say. Oops was more than glad to take us all in. It seems like a great group of people who really enjoy the game and eachother. There's lots of (optional) raiding and questing. I think we'll be happy there.
Well, back to the grind. Peace to all my friends in Norrath and beyond.


Weary Paladin said...

I am glad you had a great time in the Keys with Rat and Treats :) I'm also glad you and Gak have found somewhere to call home...see you in Norrath!

Addey said...

See you in Norrath soon, I hope. We're moving to a new place, so it'll be hit or miss.