Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Home?? Where's that??

Tomorrow I get to drive home.
After a 6 or 7 hour training session.
At least I'm going home. It's been over 3 weeks since I spent more than one night in my own bed. I won't get to spend too many there this week though. The end of the week I get the joy of going down to Key West. Yes, Key West. For work. Company airfare paid. Don't hate me.
The sad thing is, as much as I want to go, part of me is screaming "NOOOOO!!! Not another trip!!!" The good news is I hope to catch up with people down there. The other good news is that I get to stay home for two weeks after that. The bad news is my husband can't go with me.

I did have a bit of a revelation on Monday on my drive out here. I would have posted earlier, but tricky connection. I was singing along (out of key) to 'Who says you can't go home' when it struck me. Norrath is my game home. The Knighthood, while being where my 'family' is, was merely a 'house' I'd been living in. I've still got my family, but now I get to find my own place. My husband is wanting to start a guild. Ok. Could be fun. I still have the doubts and questions of before though. We plan on talking about this over the weekend. I'll let ya know what we decide.
I'm hungry and tired. I'm off to find food.
Peace to my friends in Norrath and beyond.

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Weary Paladin said...

Have fun in Key West Addey! Save us a conch shell :) If you see Treats and The Rat tell em I said hey