Friday, June 29, 2012

Soccer... Fail?

Well... I jave decided that Boo just wasn't ready for socver.  I wasn't 100% sure he was when I asked if he was interested, but he seemed enthusiastic at the time, so I figured we would give it a shot.
As the weeks go by and he wants less and less to do with going and there are more and more tears involved in tryong to convince him to try, we are cutting our losses.  I don't want to totally ruin any fun organized sports in general may have or soccer in particular has for him.  I want him to feel free to try other sports or organized events in the future and not see them as something his mother makes him do.  I want him to see them as fun and exciting if you find the right one.
Therefore I am not going to make him finish the season.  I may suggest another sport or class in the future but it won't be for another year or two.  He just isn't ready for whatever reason and in whatever way he needs to be.  I still think he would enjoy soccer, just not right now.  I think he might love a gymnastics or dance class, but probably not right now.
We will see what the future holds.  For now it will be unstructured play and hopefully learning to accept adult led activities (other than Momma... and that doesn't fly a lot of days either...) by nex September when he starts school.  We shall see.

Peace to all and may you listen to your child's heart and not squash their sense of fun by making fun mandatory.

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