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Birthday Week Review

Lots to catch up on.  I'm not sure I really gave a good write-up on Boo's birthday.  Of course, we were celebrating it pretty much all weekend for all intents and purposes.  We're finally down to just one cupcake left and about one more dinner of leftovers, but the vast majority of presents have yet to be put away in his room.

It's been a great week all together.  Nana got here last Wednesday.  Somehow, I managed to totally neglect mentioning that last week.  I took a half day off of work to fetch her from the airport with Boo.  Boo was so very excited to see her when she finally made it down to baggage claim.  It was fairly uneventful to get back home (unlike getting stuck for almost 20 minutes in traffic on the way down to the airport...).

Wednesday evening we got Nana settled in and made up Boo's "nest" on the floor of his room.  I think he slept on every available square inch of his floor this week.  He's a nest builder just like I am and was quite content to use Lee as a pillow/bed and all his blankies, friends and pillows to make a comfy looking nest.  (Thanks Aunt Abi for Lee!  See, not only is he a fun dog to have around, he doubles as a guest bed for small children! *laugh*)
After getting everyone Nana and Boo settled in his room for the night, Gak and I snuck out to get Boo's bicycle and some other odds and ends.

Thursday Nana got the boy all to herself while we were at work.  (Daddy had to put in a full day, so he left with me...)  Boo was glad to see me when I got home, but had a great, lazy, day with his Nana.  Gak and I actually got to go out on a date that evening!  Originally we were going to grab dinner, see a movie and maybe pick up the last of Boo's birthday gifts.  Well, we got dinner.  We wandered the book store but didn't find anything that leapt out at us and I just couldn't handle the thought of spending a few more hours staring at a screen, even though I really, really, really wanted to see Avengers.  (Gak's already seen it and the fact he's willing to pay to see it again says something...)  So, we wandered over to Target to pick up a few last minute things and headed home so I could wrap gifts and crash so I could get to work early.

Friday was the day.  I actually managed to get Boo in and out of the car three or four times without him noticing the bike in the back of the car.  We even managed to get it all the way upstairs without him noticing.  When he did, well, you saw the grin on his face from the post on the 1st.  I think I wrote up the big day itself pretty well in that post.

Saturday was super busy.  I started the morning extra early by running to the store for food for the evening's dinner as well as making both the goodie bags and the icing for the cupcakes in the afternoon.
We had soccer in the morning.  Boo almost participated.  Maybe in a few more weeks he will.  Maybe not.  I kinda hope he does, but if he doesn't that's OK too.  His coaches are awesome about trying to get him to participate without being pushy or mean.  He almost did participate a few times, until they noticed him and called his name and asked if he wanted to play.  Then he hightailed it right back off the field.  Oh well.  Apparently he does this at school too.  Eventually he'll be willing to participate in group activities.

After soccer we ran a couple of errands and caught up with Kat to drop off a few things with here that were going to the house.  Lunch consisted of Sonic drive-through scarfed down before trying to get the boy to lay down for a few minutes and me to finish getting everything for the bowling party ready.  The boys and Zoe had a blast bowling.  The four younger boys all bowled one game, while Zoe, Billy and I managed to get two in.  After the boys finished their game, we all had cupcakes and sang "happy birthday" and opened presents. It was nice to see his friends outside of school.  We've got to get the boys together more often, especially Boo and Dom.  They really are best buds.  It's so cute to see them playing together with their little blonde and little dark-haired heads close together hatching who knows what kind of ideas.  I hope they can remain friends a long, long time.

Gak walked over to the bowling alley after he got done work and got there right as we were wrapping up.  After that it was home to grab the stuff for dinner and let Boo ride his brand new bike for about half an hour.  Let me tell you, he hopped on and had no troubles.  Well, he doesn't always remember he can't pedal backwards on the new bike (that's the breaks) and he likes to go a few feet and then stop and yell out "red light!".  He's having fun and riding up a storm, so who cares?

Dinner at Kat's was fun and a nice gathering.  I have no idea how many people were actually there, but it wasn't many more than the normal number we have any given weekend.  The really surprising part, my dad actually came up with Mom!  Yep, PopPop was feeling like he needed out of the house and wanted to come up for his grandson's birthday dinner.  I can't tell you how happy I was to see him.  And I know Boo was extra happy too.  He loves his PopPop!

Sunday was a bit of an adventure, mostly in the good way.  Boo, Gak and I joined the rest of the group to head out to the MAAM WWII weekend air show in Reading.  We'd gone last year and had a lot of fun.  Breakfast was a bit of an adventure, but we survived.  The air show was a lot of fun and the weather was beautiful, other than the 20-minute or so downpour (that was quite a gully-washer) that trapped us in the Officer's Club.  Boo, Gak and I ended up leaving around 3:00 or so because a boy was exhausted and refusing to nap in his stroller.  That was fine as it meant we got more time at home with Nana.  Nana really wanted to come, but she was just exhausted after the traveling and all the going on Saturday.  She was thankful for the chance to rest for a bit.  I do wish she'd been able to join us, she would have enjoyed looking at the planes, and I know Boo would have liked having her there.

(The only thing I regret from Nana's visit is that we didn't really get a chance to go anywhere.  But, Nana said she mostly just wanted to spend time with her boy (Boo) and that's what she got.  I know darn right well in the grand scheme of things Gak and I aren't the main reason she wanted to visit, it was all Boo.)

Monday was another low-key day for Boo and Nana while Gak and I worked.  Amma was going to come up, but instead she spent the day with Aunt Beverly and Uncle Richard who were in town very briefly.  As much fun as it would have been for Boo to have a day with both his grandmothers, it was more important for Aunt Beverly to get time with her brother.

Yesterday I had the afternoon off because I had a doctor's appointment at 2:15 to follow up on the Vitamin D situation.  (Everything's good and getting better if I remember to take it, the two days I didn't, a day later I was sorry...)  Boo, Nana and I got to have lunch together and we tried to find a boy's T-shirt with something local on it that she could take back to her other grandson.  We weren't successful, but we did get another new Wilson chugger for Boo...  We also got Dragon pictures finally.  I'm not sure how many more years Boo will let me do that...

This morning Boo had his 4-year appointment.  His vision and hearing are excellent.  He wasn't too thrilled about the idea of getting on the scale for some reason, but he's 41.5" tall and 36.5 lb, putting him in the 70-75% range for both height and weight.  (I'm pretty sure he was only 40" tall when we were at Knoebel's a month ago, and he floats between 36 and 38 lb depending on clothes and time of day...)  He did very well with his two shots.  Yes, he screamed bloody murder with his MMR shot, but that stings like crazy, so it's understandable.

We also went to the bank and emptied out his banks.  We need to do that more often... He got to put almost $20 into the bank and kept almost $20 for his pocket.  He says he wants to buy books.  Nope, apple didn't fall far from the tree there... his daddy and I are some pretty big bookworms.  (Now to encourage him to actually make the leap to reading the words.  He's all but there...)

Then it was time to have some lunch with Nana and take her to the airport.  Kinda sad since we don't know when we'll make it out there or she'll be able to make it back here.  It kinda stinks, but that's just the way it crumbles right now.  If I had an extra $1200 or so sitting around, we'd be heading out there in the fall or over the winter after the Christmas rush.  But, I don't.  So, we won't.

In other random news, Steve is in Kuwait right now just waiting for space on a transport stateside to open up.  He should be home within the week I'm thinking.  Michelle is still overseas and will be until July some time.  She may be home this week, but that'll all be work related.  I can't wait to see either one of them!

Jon and Becca got a house and are settling in.

And here are the next few pictures for Photo A Day June:
June 5th was "sign".  I wasn't feeling very inspired, but I did like the looks of the sign at the gas station... and I think it's dropped another penny or two..  (just a snapshot from my phone...)

June 6th, today, was "hat".  The two most important hats in my life right now are my son's and my bike helmets.  I finally got a ride in with the boy-o today.  It's been raining in the afternoon for two weeks straight I think and with Nana here our schedule was all kinds of crazy so no rides.  I made Trey stay with the bike when we got to the playground because it had only stopped raining about 20 minutes before and I didn't need a dino tracking mud all over the apartment....

So, on that note, I'm heading to bed.  Sorry for the long ramble.
Peace to all and may your weeks be full and fun.

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Those early birthdays are such a whirlwind. Enjoy them. Thanks for visiting my blog. Seems like you have a sweet me.