Saturday, June 30, 2012

Photo A Day June Wrap-up

This will be a very photo heavy post.  I'm proud to say that I managed to take all but one of June's photo prompts.  That one was the one for "imperfect", so that seems appropriate to me.  Anyhow, I know I've posted most of these before, but here are as many of the 30 shots I have on my computer.  There are a few I took on my phone that I posted to G+ and I'm too lazy to download right now.

June 2: Empty.  Empty container from making cupcakes for Boo's birthday party(ies).

June 3: On my plate.  The calendar got a lot more full by the end of the month....

June 4: Close Up.  The Koosh ball on my desk at work.  Love them.

June 5: Sign.  A bad picture of the gas station sign.  It's dropped a good bit since then, thankfully.

June 6: Hat.  The most important hats Boo and I wear, our bicycle helmets.

June 7: Drink.  Action shot of my morning tea, raspberry black tea by Adagio on this morning.

June 8 6:00.  Boo and I were playing at the playground at 6:00 that evening.  Isn't he cute?

June 9: View.  Just one of the many views I saw at Rock the Mall.  What a day!

June 10: Best bit of my weekend.  All the SWAPs I traded for at Rock the Mall.  That was definitely the best pat of my weekend.

June 12: From a low angle.  Shooting up the stairwell in our building.  Not creative, but a blech kind of day anyhow.

June 13: Art.  Boo's recent art, maps... to "places" or "everywhere".

June 15: Yellow.  I was trying to take pictures of the yellow fire hydrant in the park... Boo wanted to investigate.

June 17: In my bag.  A bit of a stretch, but Boo in one of the gift bags from Billy's birthday.

June 18: Something you don't know about me.  I spent an entire summer (at least every other weekend that is...) watching grass grow.  Marsh grass, not dune grass, but we didn't go over to the marshes on this trip.

June 21: Where I slept.  Yep, my messy bed... with bears...

June 22: From a high angle.  Looking almost straight down from the balcony.

June 23: Movement.  Turned off the flash while capturing Boo dancing.  He's always dancing.

June 24: On my mind.  Appropriate since Mom and I were looking at the possibilities of grave sites... yeah...

June 25: Something Cute.  How could you not call my boy-o cute in this picture?

June 26: Where I shop.  Well, this is where I picked up parts for Randy to work on the truck... let's not go there right now, shall we?

June 27: Bathroom.  Yep, books in the bathroom.

June 28: On the shelf.  My ugly mustard yellow bookcase at work.  No, not just books...

June 29: Soft.  Soft focus (tricked the camera on this one) of a soft fuzzie on my desk at work.

June 30: Friend.  My boy-o, having a "picnic" with some of his friends.  Cute, no?

So, here are most of the 29 pictures I took for this project this week.  I had a good bit of fun with it.  I'm going to attempt July's list as well.  Hopefully, not only will I take all the pictures, but I should also be able to get most of them posted here within a day or two of taking them.  Wish me luck!

Anyhow, I hope everyone is having a great weekend.
Peace to all and may you find a positive challenge and something fun every day.

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Margaret said...

I think I like the Kooz ball most.