Sunday, January 15, 2012

Not Much

I'm really not sure I have anything useful to say today.  I just realized that I hadn't posted since Wednesday and here it is Sunday again.  I've got a few ideas rattling around in my head.  I'm not sure if any of them are going to come to fruition.

Work is work.  It's the first month of the quarter, so reporting is in full swing.  With the new regulations that went into play at the end of the third quarter, life has been a little more fun than usual.  That is if by fun you mean an increase in calls and time spent answering the same questions again and again.

This weekend has had it's ups and downs.  I'm ready to leave the lows behind, so we're not going to go there.  Suffice to say overall it was a good one, if only because I got to spend plenty of time with my boys today.

Tomorrow will be fun as I'll be taking a long lunch to pick up the Girl Scout cookies for my troop (which don't go on sale until the 19th!).  I think I remember the time I'm supposed to be there, but I'm not 100% and either it's not actually listed anywhere in the online cookie pages or I'm just not looking in the right places.  (I mean, this is the site I had to go to in order to order the cookies and schedule pickup in the first place.  And no, I don't have/can't find the paper I wrote the information down on.  I can't find one of the two sets of papers about the cookie sales to begin with and I'm sure it's in there.  I think my desk is eating things again.

Well, I'm going to go read a few stories to my boy-o and tuck him into bed.  (Hopefully he'll go to sleep easily tonight and not come up with every single excuse to get out of bed...)

So, I bid you peace and good days.

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