Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Girl Scout Cookies!!

Well, tomorrow starts the first day of cookie sales for my first year as a leader.  Oh, and did I mention that I'm also being "cookie manager" this year too?  (I have 5 girls, we got started in October, I wasn't about to try and con, er ask, someone else to do this with such short notice...)

So, Monday I picked up 36 cases of cookies.  I'm impressed, the guys with the trucks portioned out and handed over my cookies in record time.  I even had enough room in the back that I could still see out the back window!
Last night we issued 3 cases worth of cookies to each of the girls, and Kat and I also took some.  We've got two cookie booths coming up (and I really should order some more thin mints, carmel delites and maybe some shortbreads...).  Our first cookie booth is next Friday (the 3rd) at the Q-mart from 4-9, and the other is on the 12th at the Wawa near Target.  It'll be from 10 to 2.  Hopefully all of the girls can make at least part of the time.  The promise of being able to split the credit for the cookies ordered is a big bonus.

I think I have everything under control.  Unfortunately, I can't find a packet of training information that has a lot of dates in it and I think I'm missing a record sheet, but I could be imagining things.  I'll have to ask Loretta tomorrow when I drop Boo off at daycare.  (I love having the older girl coordinator and cookie coordinator be the woman who owns and runs Boo's daycare.  Of course, this is how I got "roped" into being a leader too...)

If anyone has heard about the "Savannah Smiles", sorry, we don't have them.  That's a different baker than the one my council uses.  (I personally like our baker better, the other baker always tastes a little stale to me, we used them a few years and I've bought them from girls in other councils...)  The picture at the top of the post is the 8 kinds that we have this year.  The "Shout Outs!" are the lower calorie option for anyone who's interested.  No, I haven't tasted them... if I'm going to eat cookies, I'm going to eat the real ones, either Thin Mints or one of the Peanut Butter ones.  (Shortbreads and Carmel deLites are good too, but I think Peanut Butter Sandwiches are actually my favorite...)

Also, for those of you who are muttering and grumbling under your breath about cookie time coming along just in time to throw you off your New Year's resolution diet, fear not!  You can actually do something called "cookies from home", which is where you pay for a box of cookies, but instead of going home with you, the troops take them to a central location at the end of the sale and they get sent off to the troops overseas.  As I see it, that's a win-win situation all around!  The girls get some money to fund projects, the troops get a smile sent to them and the buyer gets to feel good for helping two groups of people instead of just one and they can avoid "having" to eat all those yummy cookies....

It's been a busy, hectic week already.  Sunday Boo was a little sick, Monday he was fine, Tuesday morning he woke up at 4am complaining his tummy hurt, went back to bed, and when he finally woke up for good, woke up puking. *sigh*  No daycare for him, and I got to work from home yesterday afternoon.  It turns out that I was about the only one getting work done yesterday, even with a sick kiddo because the network went down around 9:00 or so and didn't come back until 3.  Thankfully I was able to access the sites I needed to from home and actually got a good bit done while Boo was a sad little lump in front of a couple of movies.

I'm off to play with yarn a little bit.  (I know, I know, I don't even have the Christmas photos up on Flickr yet, and here I am playing with yarn...)  Either that or I may try and read a few more pages on the nook.  (I'm reading the first of the Baroque Cycle by Neil Stephenson, over 1000 pages and very interesting...)

So, peace to you all and may you find enough room in your heart and your pocketbook to support your local girls.

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Becky said...

You are brave to take this on. So much organizing and scheduling. These things are generally successful when a nerd is in charge! Go get 'em!