Sunday, July 24, 2011

Photo Update

Well, I got the handful of pictures so far from July off the camera and onto the computer yesterday.  I even managed to get them edited and uploaded.  I promised everyone a photo update, so here it is.
This first picture was taken a week or so ago now.  These are the first of our cherry tomatoes to appear.  They're still not ripe yet, but they're getting bigger by the hour I think.  Last time I counted we had about 8 green marbles actually showing on the vines.
I really am amazed that we have tomatoes at all, let alone plants!  The only seeds of all that we started to flourish were the tomatoes. Well, the watermelons were doing just fine, until Boo stepped on them and broke them.  Oh well.  I even gave away several plants, that I hope have all found good homes by now.
If you ask Boo what we're going to do with the little tomatoes when they turn red, his answer is "eat them all up!", said with much enthusiasm and a frantic miming of shoving things in his face.  It makes me laugh, and I hope he does enjoy them.  The oregano and basil that I've planted have taken over their pots, and the rosemary continues to grow in it's own slow and steady way.

Now for more baseball pictures!  We really did have an awesome time at the game Friday night.  At least, I had a very good time and I'm pretty sure Boo enjoyed himself.  He still doesn't quite "get" the game, but was having fun watching the guys on the field, the people in the seats and the people wandering around.  In other words, being the people-watching three-year-old that he is.  Not to mention my son.  I really do enjoy these adventures with my boy-o.

Boo fell asleep on the 30 minute ride up to the ball park.  I only made one wrong turn, but I realized it well before it became a problem and was able to turn around and make it right easily.  I let him sleep in the car a few minutes, but was somewhat anxious to get into the air and out of the car.  It has been baking hot for at least a week now.  Not to mention the AC in the car is acting flaky so I try not to rely on it too much until I have a chance to get it looked at.

This is the  temperature that was shown on the sign about the middle of the first inning.  I think I saw it at 104 when we got there, but I may have just been imagining that.  Anyhow, it was humid and mostly still, so it felt a lot hotter.  Because of the heat, the seats weren't very full, which was fine by me.  It meant that Boo could wander a bit and play with seats or whatever and I didn't have to try and get him to be too still.  He's 3, I don't expect him to sit still more than 5 minutes.  I have problems doing that and I'm 35!  Oh, I kept checking the temperature/time sign, and it was just about 8:45 before I saw a temp that was below 100.  It was 98, but that's still below 100!
Boo never did actually sit in his seat.  I think the springs that hold the seat up when unoccupied were a little stiff and kept wanting to eject him.  He is only just over 30 lb after all!  So, he spent most of the game standing up watching.  Either in front of his own seat, or once the people in front of us got there, from right beside me or in front of me.  It was cute, and he wasn't being extra clingy or wanting in my lap, for which I'm thankful on such a hot night.

We really did have great seats.  Even with my little 4X zoom (and more megapixels that I can shake a stick at)I was able to get some pretty good action shots.  I love this one because I was actually fast enough to catch the ball in the frame!

I do believe this was actually a hit, not a strike.  Not that the Iron Pigs were able to score off it, but I do believe this was actually a hit.  When we left, the score was 4-1 Cleveland and we'd had a horrible 5th inning with about 4 walks and two runs scored, and thankfully a pitcher change.  I was trying to figure out why they didn't change out pitchers earlier, especially with the heat.  You could just see in his pitches that it was taking all his effort to get the ball anywhere near the plate, let alone in the strike zone.  Any how, the final score was 3-6 Columbus.  I know the heat had something to do with the game.  The Pigs are actually the leaders of their division and just over 500 for the season.  Who knows, maybe we'll get back there for another game this season.  We did have a lot of fun.  Maybe when it's a bit cooler and Zoe and Billy are around.

Anyhow, today Boo and I are off to visit our cousins in Maryland today.  Gak has decided to stay home and get some stuff around the apartment done.  So, I'm off to make some breakfast and roust a boy-o in a bit.  It should be an enjoyable afternoon with the cousins (and Amma, Boo won't let me forget Amma!).  It really is nice when the boys can get together and play, and I really like Ben and Jenny.

Peace to all and may your games be fun, and your gardens bountiful.

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