Friday, April 22, 2011

This 'n' That

Another work week is coming to a close, and I'm thankful for it.  I'm sure by now everyone who reads this blog even occasionally knows that January, April, July and October are very tough months at work.  But, at least there's a predictable cycle to things.  And in reality, even though this hasn't been one of the more pleasant months, we're actually coming through this in better shape than we have in a while.  I credit good team work and great support from the rest of the building for it.
Anyhow, I'm sitting here with too much time to call it quits but not enough time to get anything productive done, especially since all my weekly paperwork is completed.  I thought I'd come here and ramble on a bit.

I really don't have anything interesting to say.  Or, maybe nothing I really want to make public.  There was a good bit of drama in my life Monday evening, but it's not for posting.  There are other things tied in with that drama that keep churning around in my head and heart, but again, they're not for posting here.  It falls under the airing dirty laundry category of things best handled offline and in person.

I'm still not sure what's up for this weekend.  We're really just going to play it all by ear.  I grew up with Easter not being much of a big deal.  I do remember a few Easter egg hunts and looking forward to Easter baskets for several years, but other than that, it was mostly just another day on the calendar.  Then again, we never did pay much attention to any religious holidays other than Christmas and Hanukkah.

Yesterday was an important day in my life.  Zoe turned 10 years old!  Yep, 10 years ago yesterday little miss Zoe was brought into the world.  She was about 6 weeks early and it was touchy there for a bit.  It was a bit touchy with Kat as well, the whole reason that Zoe was born early.  I'm  happy to say she's a thriving 10-year-old girl with most of the typical issues of her age.  For being a preemie, she really did escape a lot of the problems she could have had.  She's very healthy over all.  Sure, she has some lingering lung issues (but a good part of that is family as well...) and she can't put on weight and her ADHD is probably exacerbated by the fact that she was also a preemie, but the cards were stacked against her from the start.  But, over all, she's doing just fine.

And yes, she is one of the reasons why I walked last Sunday.  I'm thankful for all the research that was done that ended up with the technologies that saved both her and Kat.  I'm also thankful that my son and all of the other kids in my life were able to be born full term and healthy.

Well, this has been quite a bit of a ramble.  But, I did succeed in using up my time left at work and looking productive.  I'm off to go pick up my boy-o.  He was playing at Kat's house today with Grammy, Zoe and Billy because his school was closed today.  I'm sure he'll be beat because he probably did not nap this afternoon.  Oh well, hopefully that'll mean he'll sleep well tonight (which he hasn't been because he's been congested all week...) and he'll take a good nap tomorrow too.

Peace to all and may your weeks go well, your weekends be fun, and your family full.

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