Monday, April 18, 2011

Busy and Stable

It looks like I've been falling down on the job again, and I guess I have.  You could argue that this isn't a bad thing.  You could argue that nothing exceptionally dramatic has been going on in our lives, either good or bad.  But, that would imply that we're not doing much of anything.  And, some days it seems that way, but our days are actually quite full.
For example, here's an average, typical mid-week kind of day in this family.
5:00 am, I get up.
5:30 am if it's a Tuesday or a Thursday, I go to the gym to swim for 45 minutes or so, shower and come home.  If it's a Monday, Wednesday or Friday, I pop on an exercise video, find something On Demand or power up the Wii balance board.  Either way, I start my day with 30-45 minutes of activity, hopefully some pretty high activity.  After that I get ready for work.
6:30 (M/W/F) leave for work or 7:30 on Tu/Th.
7-4 or 8-5 I try and stay focused on the job at hand and maybe if it's not raining or I haven't goofed off a bit too much between tasks in the morning, I'll try and squeeze in a 20 minute walk out back at lunch.
(Meanwhile, Gak and Boo have been hanging out together with their own little routine all morning and then walk to school and work around 11.  Unless of course the weather is completely miserable and then I pick up the boys by about noon and ferry everyone about...)
4:30 or 5:30 pick up the boy child from school.  This is usually one of the biggest highlights of my day.
Depending on the day of the week and the weather, we'll either go home, run a few errands or go to the park.  The last option is both of our favorites, but we just don't get to as much as we'd like.
If we go home and it's an "early" day, I'll try and get dinner started before picking Gak up from work at 6:30.
We'll usually get home from picking Gak up at work by 7. (But not always because sometimes drivers are late or customers squeak in as he's trying to lock the door or the computer crashes or something else frustrating.  This is one of the reasons I don't always try and get dinner started... just because when I do, we tend to run late....)
After that it's a quick dinner, and maybe a bath for a Boo-boy, jammies and bed.
7:30-7:45 is the ritual for getting Boo into jammies and read to and a little bit of time in bed with the light on.
8:00 (give or take) lights out for a Boo.  I now have just about 1 hour until I'm about to crash.  So, here's where lately I've been spending quality time with my dear, sweet hubby exploring the world of Telara playing Rift.  This is quite fun and entertaining, but hasn't been leaving me much time for reading, crochet, chores, getting lunches ready for the next day, emails, blogging or any of a million other things I want to be doing as well.
I crash sometime between 9:00 and 10:00 to repeat the whole ordeal the next day.

So, as you can see, it's not really that we're not doing anything, it's just that we're not doing anything out of the ordinary.  We've been able to get some good park time in recently and Boo really suddenly loves to climb almost all over the place now with little fear, even of the big slides.  (This was a problem most of last year, as he took a tumble down a couple of slides and he swore off them for months...)
We're also easing ever so slightly into potty training.  We're trying to at least put him on the potty when he wakes up, when he wakes up from nap and before bath/jammies in the evening.  Most of the time he just sits there fooling around a bit.  But, he knows what to do with toilet paper (aside from just play with it) and he has managed to pee in the potty at least twice now, once at school even!  Mostly, we just talk about the potty a lot.  Part of me just wishes he'd hurry up and get going with this because I'm tired of changing his diapers (and I don't even have to do it that often!) but mostly I don't want to make this a horrible experience for him and want him to get there on his own terms.  So, I'll keep pointing him in that direction and hoping a lot and like with everything else, he'll get there from here.  On his own terms and in his own time... usually at a fairly inconvenient, or at least interesting, time for us.

The weekends are quite busy these days.  It seems like with the warm up in the weather, all the activities keep coming out of the woodwork.  Last weekend it was brunch at Amma and PopPop's with the Sugarpeople.  This weekend it was a pouring down rainy Saturday with Boo and I joining Kat, Zoe, Shelby and Jarred for the March of Dimes Walk for Babies.  (It was a great time, but the route was cut short by about 1 Km or so due to flooding from the day before....)  This week is Jon's birthday, Zoe's birthday, Passover and Easter all rolled into one hectic week.  We were supposed to have dinner at the Duck's house today, but Amma isn't feeling well, so that'll be next Monday.

So, that about sums up where we're at for the moment.  We're busy.  We're doing just fine and I'm having a hard time realizing that my son's 3rd birthday is only 6 weeks away!

I bid you all peace and may you have some stability and some fun in your lives.

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