Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fortune Cookie Wisdom...

So, I'm sitting here cleaning off my desk between projects, just trying to give myself a little breather.  And I stumble across a fortune cookie fortune from some weeks ago, just sitting there under my monitor.
"If you continually give, you will continually have. :) "  (Yes, it has a little smiley at the end..)

I must admit, this is one truism that I can totally agree with.  And not just in the positive way many people think of it either.

For example, take the person who is continually complaining, and giving other people grief.  They're making everyone else around them miserable, and what do they get in return?  More misery.  They get people who don't want to talk to them, be near them or work with them.  They end up in relationships that are one-sided at best and are just downward spirals.  Like the other saying goes, misery loves company.

Then you have the person who always smiles when they answer the phone (even if they're day is far, far from perfect).  They enquire about your family and your kids and your health and actually want to know the answer and aren't just being polite.  They share the goodies in their lunch or where they got/found something and when they've got it (and sometimes even when they don't) they'll share their hard earned money with those who need it.  Have you ever noticed how people who are like this are usually so very happy?  That they have such a positive outlook on life?  And even when things aren't going their way, they are just happy to be alive and around people who care, because trust me, these people attract good friends and good relationships faster than a little boy can find mud puddles in the spring!

I've known many people in the first category.  I try very hard not to fall into that first category myself.  It is so easy to do.  It is so easy to get caught up in the negative moment and let one small thing lead to the ruining of an entire week, month or even year.  Last year it was a very big struggle for me not to fall into the dark pit of giving only grief and anger to the world around me.
It is truly rare, however, to find the truly generous soul who can be the positive giver even 80% of the time.  I've been blessed, and truly, it is a blessing, to have worked with two such men.  And there is at least one other guy here at work who fits into that category more often than not.

Unfortunately for us, we lost one of those bright souls.  It'll be 6 months on Saturday since Ron left us.  Well, his physical presence has left us.  He's still with us here at work in so many ways.  Those of us who knew him and knew him well while he was here will always have a tender spot in our hearts for him, stories to tell and smiles as well.
The other guy who shares Ron's wonderful disposition is a man who has been through so much pain, so much uncertainty and so many trials, that some days I wonder how he can stand with all the weight that has been put on him.  He's always smiling though.  He's the one that gave Gak and I our "new" bed when we moved.  You see, we benefited from his pain.  His wife has had so many, many medical problems over the years.  Just a year or so after they bought a new bed, she got very sick and had to have a trach put in and now can no longer lie in bed.  She's hooked up to oxygen 24 hours a day and monitored at all times.  And Randy, taking this in stride does what he needs to do.  He makes sure that she's got company during the day in case there are problems and he uses his knowledge from work to help keep her equipment up and running, even when a nurse isn't around.  And he does it with a smile.
What I will always find amazing is what he said about me.  There have been times since I've known him that I've been going through a rough spot in one way or another, and he tells me that I always seem so positive and that I'm always smiling.  Well, let me tell you, he doesn't see me in my darkest moments.  (Unfortunately, Gak does, and he can confirm that it's not pretty...)  So, every time I think of letting the dark win, letting the bad situation I'm in be passed on to everyone I come in contact with, I try and remember Randy's words.  And I remember how positive he always seems, no matter what.

One of the things that links these two men is their great faith.  They both have such a strong faith in God and forgiveness and everything that goes with it.  There are days that I wish I shared their faith, but I don't.  Well, I have a lot of faith, but it's not their faith.  My faith is much more subtle and complex than theirs.  But, yeah, I have faith in the world around me and look for the little miracles that are life.

Anyhow, just thought I'd dump what was sloshing about in my brain when I was cleaning up my desk.  I thought I'd take a moment to remember a friend who's gone and thank a friend who's been truly an inspiration.

I'd also be remiss not to mention the fact that today is my brother's birthday.  Yep, 33 years ago today I became a big sister.  Happy birthday Jon, I'm glad you're my brother.

Peace to all and may you give what's in your heart.

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I'm glad you're my sister.