Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fun Family Weekend

Well, this was a whirlwind of a weekend.  We had a great time over all.  Yes, there were some bad spots, and no, I'm not going to talk about them here.
Brian got here uneventfully around lunch on Friday.  I was working, but Gak and Boo went and picked him up at ABE.  They then had lunch and the boys went to work and day care and Uncle Brian got a well deserved nap.  He then came and got me when work was done and we rescued a boy and headed over to Gak's store.  We ended up picking up steaks from Lee's for dinner.
Saturday was a real adventure.  We'd promised people we'd stop by bowling because Rachel (and others) wanted to meet Brian.  Well, when we get there they're all planning on heading up to Camelback to take the older girls skiing for the first time.  Well, we decide to tag along.  This meant a quick stop at Walmart to pick up snow bibs for Brian and a few other odds and ends.  Lunch was at the diner in Wind Gap (no $12 burgers, thanks!) and was a lot of fun.  Boo was happy, he got to sit next to his uncle Brian and Randy.  The rest of the ride to the mountain was uneventful.  When we get there we get lift tickets (and rentals for Brian, everyone else rented down here and Randy still has his own) for the skiers and decide when we were going to meet back up.
Boo, Gak and I head over to the tubing area.  Well, Boo didn't nap on the way up since Brian was in the back seat and he really didn't want to miss anything.  So, by the time we are in line to pay ($75 for all 3 of us!) he's wanting up and being super fussy and cranky.  So, we decide to bail on the whole paying an arm and a leg (to me at any rate) for something that may be more trouble than it was worth.  Boo had a blast playing in the plow pile at the corner of the parking lot instead while we waited for the shuttle to take us back up to the lodge.  Overall, I'd say that was a success (and much easier on the pocket book...)  I would love to go tubing at some point, but we'd have to plan it better with Boo's nap time in mind.
Anyhow, after we all met up back in the lodge, we end up taking the girls back to Kat's house.  (Oh, the girls are Mel and Rachel...)  Boo finally naps for about 30 minutes until we get to dinner.  Amazingly enough he stayed awake the whole ride home and then went to bed just about his normal time.

Sunday was another bit of an adventure.  We head over to Kat's just to see what was up and to coordinate things.  We all head over to the QFR for what is now lunch.  It took us forever and a day, which is unusual there.  I mean, it's not the fastest place in the world, but usually it's better than it was.  Oh well.  After lunch the four of us head up to Cabella's just because it's kinda close.  The only thing we got was a new backpack for Boo to carry his toys/books in when we go on adventures.  I'm pretty sure I can get a small dog leash to attach to it and rig a chest clip so he can wear it instead of his puppy dog one when we go places.  (Yes, we leash our son.  Mostly just to give him some boundaries and freedom at the same time and also to make it easier on both him and Gak...)
We got Brian to the airport uneventfully and a bit on the early side.
So, yes, overall it was a great weekend.  Brian said he had fun, and I know I enjoyed it.  Boo really enjoyed seeing his uncle.  He was a bit quiet at first, as he usually is, but warmed up pretty darn quick.

Anyhow, it's icky out again (snow and now freezing rain/drizzle) so I've got to grab a shower and get the boys ready to go.  Gak's opening and this makes it easier on all of us.  I just wish the weather would start cooperating with my new workout schedule.  I was really hoping to start going Tuesday and Thursday before work, as if I have to miss one or the other, I'd rather spend more time with my boy-o at bed time than when he wakes up in the morning and I have to dash out the door.  (He's not always awake then anyhow.)

Peace to all and may your family visits be fun and the weather on your side.

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